5 thoughts on “Chairman Menendez confirms commitment to a free Cuba”

  1. All well and good, but when will he stop voting and supporting the political party that doesn’t want a free USA?

  2. Thanks, Ziva, for sharing Senator Menendez’ excellent speech which focuses entirely on maintaining the U.S. embargo on Cuba. When I wear my Cuban-American hat, this is all that I look for. His party affiliation has nothing to do with how I judge him on Cuban matters. I only look for one thing — is he on the side that fights for the restoration of freedom to Cuba, or is he on the wrong side that wants to do business with Cuban officials and prolong the suffering of the Cuban people. Senator Menendez has consistently advocated for a Free Cuba.

  3. I agree Jorge. Although I disagree with Sen. Menendez on domestic policy, I appreciate his principled stand and support for a free Cuba. I can’t think of one politician who I agree with 100% of the time from either party, so I believe in giving credit where credit is due, especially on Cuba policy whose people, who have few friends in important places, suffer under the world’s longest reigning repressive dictatorship.

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