Castrogonia gains official invitation to the Americas Summit

Panamanian president Juan Carlos Varela

No surprise here.  But today it became official.

Raul Castro will be representing his despotic criminal regime in person at the upcoming Americas Summit.

Will it make any difference?   Most probably not, at least in the real world.  Castrogonia has been playing a key role in the United Nations for nearly 56 years and…so what?

Oh, but the First World news media is already making a big deal out of it.

And what about the White House?  Never mind that.  Its current occupant is most probably very happy with this development.

Meanwhile, some photographers are probably salivating over their chance to capture that next handshake or embrace between Raul “the reformer” and the Ameican Lame Duck in Chief.

Pucker up, Raul and Barry……


From Telesur

Panama Officially Invites Cuba to Americas Summit

Thirty-five state leaders are expected to attend the Seventh Americas Summit including the United States and Cuba.

Despite hesitation on the part of the United States, the Panama government officially invited Cuba’s president Raul Castro to the Seventh Americas Summit. Cuba will also be one of the first countries invited to the continental conference by Panama’s Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Panama announced Friday that it has sent the first invitations to chiefs of state to participate in the Summit scheduled to take place from April 10 to 11, 2015 in the Central American country.

Panama Vice Chancellor Luis Miguel Hincapie affirmed that Panama is confident that all 35 officials who were invited will participate, including Raul Castro and U.S. President Barack Obama.

The Panama Chancellery announced that Hincapie delivered the invitations to the president, Juan Carlos Varela, the invitations addressed to the ambassadors of Ecuador, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Honduras, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Guatemala, Cuba and Mexico.

This will be the first time that Cuba has been invited to the Americas Summit since the intercontinental conference was initiated by the United States in 1994. All Latin American nations support Cuba’s participation.

The United States’ response to Panama’s decision to invite Cuba was hesitant but tactful, affirming Panama’s right as the host country to choose its guests to the conference.

“We certainly recognise Panama’s prerogative as the host of the 2015 summit to extend invitations to whomever it chooses … what we’re focused on is less on who’s invited and more on what’s discussed,” deputy spokesperson for the U.S. state department, Marie Harf, told EFE.

Panama’s President Juan Carlos Varela signaled in the invitation that the conference should maintain open dialogue, “in renewing the region’s commitments and achieve a closer relationship and cooperation between the peoples of America,” according to the AFP.

Estoy mas que listo para esta cumbre y el machito de la casita blanca
Mua, mua, mua! Estoy mas que listo para besar al machito de la casita blanca


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  1. ALL Latrine nations support Cuba’s participation. That says it all–a story as old as Cain and Abel. Of course, if Cuba had a right-wing dictator, even a relatively benign one, the miserable hypocrites would treat Cuba like a pariah. How any Cuban can possibly accept, let alone willingly embrace, the “Latino” label defies belief and mocks dignity. The Latrines are beneath contempt. Repeat: “All Latin American nations support Cuba’s participation.” Remember that, because it means all those nations are just fine with Cuba being a totalitarian hellhole, and they’re all effectively saying “Screw you” to every self-respecting Cuban who wants Cuba free. Screw THEM.

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