Honeymoon in Cuba spoiled for British couple


What kind of people choose Castrogonia as their honeymoon destination?

Why even ask?

Only the very best people, of course.

The best of the best.


From The Sunday Times (Singapore)

Briton Mohammed Khelya drank from a bottle of duty-free vodka, and quarrelled with his wife – while they were flying to Cuba for their honeymoon on a Thomas Cook flight, the Daily Mail reported on Nov 25.

Hours into the flight, his wife changed seats to get away from him.

When a crew member turned down his request to see her, the 22-year-old threatened to kill the cabin crew and passengers.

When they handcuffed him, he spat at other passengers. He was so disruptive that the flight was diverted to Bermuda and police escorted him off the plane- while his wife continued on to Cuba without him.

It is not known if Khelya is still married, but he was fined for his unruly behaviour.

The Manchester Evening News adds a few more  details about Mr. Khelya’s behavior:

The court heard he ignored requests to stop drinking and shouted at staff: “What if I f***ing am?” and “I’m going to f***ing kill you and I’m going to kill everyone after.”…

… Video footage shows Khelya being led from the plane by four police officers – where dozens of police and security staff where waiting to escort him from the scene.

He was still wearing the blanket used to stop him spitting at cabin crew.



3 thoughts on “Honeymoon in Cuba spoiled for British couple”

  1. The only couples who should honeymoon in Cuba are Cuban ones who have no other option. Any foreigners who opt to do that deserve a failed marriage, unless they truly have absolutely no idea that what they’re doing is morally obscene–in other words, unless they’re basically retarded.

  2. Is the fact that his name is Mohammed a clue that something is wrong?
    Or are we to assume that is irrelevant to the story?

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