Cuba’s largest export is the sale of enslaved doctors – but ‘slave’ is such a harsh word

Although it walks and quacks like a duck, Newsweek just can’t bring itself to admit it is a duck. Mountains of evidence detailed in this article prove Cuba’s apartheid Castro dictatorship is engaged in the slave trade, selling enslaved doctors to the highest bidder. Nevertheless, they just can’t bring themselves to admit and call it what it really is.

To Fight Ebola, Cuba Is Sending Its Biggest Export – Doctors

“They were trying to get us to do the best job we could. We were told that this is very good income for the country,” said a Cuban doctor we’ll call Dr. Jose Suarez, describing instructions from his government as he prepared, five years ago, to leave Cuba for Venezuela. There he was to join up in his nation’s most prestigious, most successful and most lucrative enterprise: its physician-export industry.

Along with his wife and children, Suarez now lives in New York, having defected to the United States in 2009. He asked that his real name and personal details not be used, fearing that family members back on the island would suffer retaliation.

Cuba’s export of medical professionals has gained the Communist country much praise, including most recently from the island’s neighbor and nemesis, the United States, where top officials have praised Cuba’s response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa. The Cuban contingent of medical professionals sent to the epidemic’s hot zone was larger than any other country’s.

Suarez’s story suggests a nuanced picture behind those international accolades, in which these doctors, who bravely combat diseases and treat the poor around the world, are treated as an instrument of the state.


Last July the general director of Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Investment, Dagmar González Grau, told Havana’s Popular Assembly that 64,362 Cuban professionals were sent by the state to serve in 91 countries. Three in four of those professionals are in the health sector, González Grau said, according to Trabajadores, a state-run newspaper.

The government, she added, expects those professionals to bring in $8.2 billion in 2014. By those figures, the Cuban government could be earning as much as $6.15 billion from its exportation of doctors alone.

These proceeds far exceed any other Cuban enterprise, with tourism lagging well behind in second place. Sales of Cuban staples like cigars, rum and guayabera shirts are not even close. The sugarcane industry, the pride of the country during the Cold War (though it was heavily subsidized by the Soviet Union), is no longer profitable.

Read all of the damning (but not so damning – let’s not go crazy here and use such harsh language and risk denigrating all the wonderful and beautiful things Castro’s revolution has done) article HERE.

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  1. So the medical slave trade is Castro, Inc.’s biggest revenue source, bigger than tourism, which is saying something. But of course, there’s no profit motive or exploitation involved; it’s mainly, you know, altruism. BULL SHIT. Anybody with any pretensions to knowing the score, not to mention being tolerably intelligent, HAS to see what’s going on here–and they do, but willful blindness and bad faith can be amazingly obfuscating. Ask the New York Times.

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