PinochioOutrageous article below and outrageous idea to consider! Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart (R-Fla.) is on point when he said that Obama’s Cuba Initiative represents “a limitless willingness to appease enemies of freedom,” and a “grotesque concession.”

U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, the son of Dominican immigrants, has shown his true colors.  Not only is he delusional by implying that Obama could go down in history as the “first Latino president,” but he has demonstrated by his insensitive remarks that he is not a friend of freedom-loving Cuban Americans.

And the author of this article, Edward-Isaac Dovere, showed his discriminatory animus toward Cuban-Americans by implying that because Cuban-Americans make up “only 3.5% of Hispanics,” Obama didn’t risk much by angering them. After all, Dovere indicated that the majority of other Hispanics approve the President’s actions pertaining to Cuba.

Now, Dovere is not far-fetched with the last statement. It is true that there are many Hispanics who are against anything that most Cuban-Americans are for — mainly out of envy for the huge success that Cuban-Americans have garnered in the U.S.

Let’s get real!   It is quite an accomplishment to have five representatives and three senators serving in the U.S. Congress — two of the senators being potential presidential candidates — despite being 3.5% of the Hispanic population!

By not keeping his promise not to change the Cuba relationship without, first, offering guarantees of human rights or freedom of labor unions and political parties, Obama has lost credibility with Cuban-American voters.

Cuban-Americans do not forget who betrayed them when it comes time to vote.

Personally, I think that a more appropriate designation for Obama would be “Pinocchio-In-Chief.”

To read the article, click on http://www.politico.com/story/2014/12/the-first-latino-president-113694.html

3 thoughts on “OBAMA — THE FIRST LATINO PRESIDENT???!!!”

  1. By the way, there are actually 5 not 4 Cuban American congressmen. You evidently forgot to include former Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez’s nephew, Alex Mooney who is a newly elected congressman from West Virginia.

  2. So the majority of “other Hispanics” approve Obama’s move on Cuba. Is that even remotely relevant? It makes absolutely no difference what “other Hispanics” think regarding Cuba, especially if they’re in any way at odds with what CUBANS think and want concerning their own country. Are these people clueless or just jerks? Sheesh.

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