Obama’s Sperm for Spies program: Cuban spy serving life for murder was allowed to send sperm to wife in Cuba

As if Obama’s complete and total capitulation to Cuba’s bloody apartheid Castro dictatorship were not sickening enough, now we learn this…

Via McClatchy:

Diplomaculate conception? U.S. let Cuban spy give sperm to impregnate wife


HAVANA — When longtime Cuban spy Gerardo Hernández went free last week from a U.S. prison and flew to Havana for the first time in 16 years, he was unfazed to find his wife – gasp! – very pregnant.

The mystery of that pregnancy emerged Monday, and it will go down in history books as one of the most bizarre subplots in the annals of U.S. diplomacy.

Turns out that Hernández already knew that his 44-year-old wife, Adriana Pérez, was pregnant, and that he is the father, even though he was never physically close to her during his incarceration.

The pregnancy came through artificial insemination, and it was a side deal that paved the way for the much larger and sweeping agreement Wednesday in which Cuba and the United States announced the renewal of diplomatic relations, broken more than half a century ago. Hernández and two other convicted Cuban spies went free as part of the deal.

Call it diplomacy via paternity.

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Miami’s NBC 6 News has more on Obama’s Sperm for Spies program:

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Sperm for Spies program: Cuban spy serving life for murder was allowed to send sperm to wife in Cuba”

  1. The young men pulverized in the air thanks to the work of this particular spy cannot have children, artificially or otherwise. This is a grotesque obscenity, not to mention an unbelievable insult to the families of the murdered pilots, but alas, it’s par for the course. I’ve gotten to the point that, when I come across something like this, first I’m angry, then I’m ashamed–ashamed Cubans ever put themselves in a position to be treated with this kind of supreme disrespect, not to say mockery. Either we get our act together or this kind of shit will never stop.

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