Rand Paul’s Cluelessness on Cuba (i.e. este tipo es come-mierda–o se hace?)


“Now where have we previously heard Senator Rand Paul’s cliché-fest that constitutes his rebuttal to Senator Marco Rubio on Cuba sanctions?

Well, from The Council on Foreign Relations to the New York Times and from Hillary Clinton to The Congressional Black Caucus—and that’s for starters….

And oh! We also heard it repeatedly from every SINGLE one of the KGB-trained Cuban spies convicted by U.S. juries recently!

“But the embargo hasn’t worked,” continue the talking points that appear on the anti-embargo teleprompter. “After half a century the Castro regime still stands. So why should we continue this failed policy?”

Please excuse (genuine) Cuba-watchers for rolling their eyes when—like clockwork–this false premise kicks-off every embargo debate. To wit:”

Our friends at Townhall help disseminate a few items utterly unknown outside the microscopic Cuban-American informational ghetto.

1 thought on “Rand Paul’s Cluelessness on Cuba (i.e. <em>este tipo es come-mierda–o se hace?)</em>”

  1. Paul couldn’t look more like a fruitcake if he tried. As for Sharpton, well, it’s obvious enough. Love the hanky, btw (a nice Rangel touch) and the Sally Jesse Raphael glasses. Albeit in different ways, they’re both freaks, and they’re both evidence of how degenerate the American political scene has become.

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