And now for some ecumenical magical realism in Argentina…



This event seems too weird to be true, even by Latin American standards, but –like Argentina’s claim on the Falkland Islands — it’s all too real.

Will any newspapers — other than the Jerusalem Post and the hyper-tabloid  NY Daily News — pick up on this stupendous manifestation of “magical realism” at work?

Will anyone other than insolent Cuban exiles suggest that Che Guevara might have been a seventh son under this peculiar Argentine curse?

Will any religious publications cover this controversial leap in ecumenism?   Or is this a story about the secularization of religion?

Will anyone point out that this Argentine superstition is wildly reminiscent of medieval anti-Semitism, and that this Jewish family seems all too comfortable with that?

(Could this story prove that Latin American culture has a gravitational pull equal to that of black holes?)

And is anyone going to point out that Queen Cristina may not offer the best protection against werewolves, given that she routinely consorts with Cuban vampires?


Here we go…. Hang on to your dentures.  This is one of the wildest rides you will ever take at the Latrine America Carnival.

Scary, yes, but at least it will get your mind off the Cuba policy changes announced recently by the current occupant of the White House.

Argentina werewolf

From The Independent

President of Argentina adopts Jewish godson to ‘stop him turning into a werewolf’

The President of Argentina has adopted a young Jewish man as her godson to stop him turning into a werewolf.

President Christina Fernández de Kirchner met Yair Tawil and his family at her office last week to mark the unusual ceremony, which dates back more than 100 years.

According to Argentinian folklore, the seventh son born to a family turns into the feared “el lobison”.

The werewolf-like creature shows its true nature on the first Friday after boy’s 13th birthday, the legend says, turning the boy into a demon at midnight during every full moon, doomed to hunt and kill before returning to human form.

As well as feeding on excrement, unbaptized babies, and the flesh of the recently dead, the lobison was said to be unnaturally strong and able to spread its curse with a bite.

Fear of the lobison was so rife in 19th Century Argentina that some families abandoned or even murdered baby boys – an atrocity that sparked the unusual Presidential practice of adoption, aimed at stopping the deadly stigma.

Starting in 1907, the tradition was formally established by a decree in 1973 by Juan Domingo Peron, which also extended the practice to baby girls.

Seventh sons or daughters – now much rarer than 100 years ago – gain the President as their official godparent as well as a gold medal and full educational scholarship.

Even now, reports of dog-like creatures attacking livestock continue, as does the tradition.

Ms Fernandez said Yair is the first Jewish boy to be adopted, as the tradition only applied to Catholic children until 2009.

Argentine seventh son of a seventh son
Pamfilio Guevara, Argentine seventh son of a seventh son:  “I fully support President Obama’s new Cuba initiative and am convinced that the lifting of the U.S. blockade will eventually remove my curse.”


6 thoughts on “And now for some ecumenical magical realism in Argentina…”

  1. And this is Argentina, which looks down on all the other Latrines, officially practicing this obscurantism, not Haiti. I assume the Tawil family played along for the sake of the scholarship, but honestly, this is cheesy beyond words. Well, they all got a nice photo op out of it, I suppose. Sheesh.

  2. Asombra, A majority U.S. liberal Jew’s voted for Obama… twice which IMO validates the possibility if not of werewolves, then at least voodoo, zombies or so some such. It’s certainly not Judaism. And ditto TWFKAP.

  3. Cretina using a menorah as a prop for a photo op is not as revolting as Cuba’s current dictator lighting one in a Havana synagogue while wearing a yarmulke (remember THAT photo op?), but it’s patently fake. Of course, so is she. Has the 1994 terrorist bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires (with 85 deaths) ever been resolved? That’s what she should be working on instead of this embarrassing nonsense, but a publicity stunt is much more her speed. Argentina, btw, has the largest Jewish community in Latin America, so she’s not doing this for nothing.

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