Facts and subterfuge regarding the U.S. and Cuba proposals

Jerry Brewer in Mexidata.info:

Facts and Subterfuge regarding the U.S. and Cuba Proposals

https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/378800000578427342/2ab34060b7f5a00fbc27fe38dfd8d20d.jpegThe Castro brother’s unscrupulously chosen Communist ideology, and iron-grip hold and rule of Cuba, has forced horrific sacrifices upon generations of Cubans for 55 years.

Neither Fidel nor Raul Castro, the latter having taken over the reins of dictatorial power in 2008, ever, even remotely, disguised their venomous hatred of the United States. As well, their combined goal – that guided them from the start – was to reach the country’s top leadership position and stay there.

Fidel Castro, while he was president, promoted cooperation and a growing involvement with Iran. Hereof he once stated, “Together we can bring America to its knees…. The US regime is very weak, and we are witnessing this weakness close up.”

Many have fallen in defense of human rights and homeland freedoms in Cuba under this rogue regime, many fled the island, many disappeared, and far too many have faced ruthless and bloody confrontations and repression. And all of the people remaining in Cuba, as well as those expatriates now residing in other free nations, deserve respect and consideration from a watchful world of public opinion.

None of us in good conscience can ignore the atrocities of the Cuban government that continue to this day, part of a stranglehold to obstruct and silence peaceful protest and the opposition, as well as national journalists and other worldwide media reporting.

Since 1962, and up until recently, our democratic leaders have expressed the need for an embargo until such time that Cuba would “demonstrate” respect for human rights and liberty.

It is obvious that the arrogance of the Castro regime to date has not complied with essentially any aspect of that mandate.

As far back as 2003, the European Union accused the Cuban government of “continuing flagrant violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms.” As early as 2008, Cuba had the second highest number of imprisoned journalists of any nation in the world, behind only the People’s Republic of China.

Gladys Bensimon is an award winning multilingual producer and director who has spent much of her career exposing dictators and associated human rights violators. This author recently spoke with her about one of her films, “Celebrating Life in Union,” a factual docudrama narrated by the famed Cuban American actor Andy Garcia.

Bensimon’s courageous spirit and Garcia’s impassioned words powerfully and factually told the story of surviving ex-Cuban political prisoners that had been subjected to physical and mental torture, disfigured, and survived firing squads that killed so many by the tyrannical and oppressive regime.

In the sphere of espionage, it is important not to assume that the “poverty driven” Cuban government is sleeping. The Castros’ have always richly funded their spy apparatchik. Furthermore, Cuba continues to maintain large intelligence-gathering hubs in Mexico City and Venezuela, a fact that reveals continuing Cuban subversion in this hemisphere.

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