If you want to argue with a Cuban about Cuba…. be prepared

Awesome smackdown from AJ. Delgado. She’s a proud Cuban-American from Little Havana, attorney, conservative commentator, blogger and author.

Arguing with idiots about #Cuba

Due to the Obama Administration’s renewal of diplomatic relations with Cuba, Cuba is back in the news.

As usual, there is an alarming amount of misinformation — and stupidity — circulating that has me looking like this at my desk:


and wanting to do this:


Let’s address some of the most common arguments heard in favor of relations — vs the truth.

“The embargo hasn’t worked in five decades — don’t you think it’s time to try something new???”


A fair enough point. But let’s look at this with the right information. The fact is saying the embargo “hasn’t worked” is inaccurate, since its sole goal was never to topple the regime: the embargo has been successful in (1) helping to stop Cuba from spreading its ideology and its terror elsewhere in the world, and (2) preventing the Cuban regime from using Americans’ cash to fund repression (unless, of course, you’re cool with funding repression).

At the very least, it has served a punitive goal and sends a moral statement that Americans won’t do business with, well, monsters.

Remember, embargoes’ aims can be:

1) punitive;

2) to make a moral statement;

3) containment of the nation;


4) coercive (i.e., used as leverage to gain certain concessions and perhaps even regime change).

Sure, the embargo hasn’t accomplished the last but it’s accomplished the first three (worth noting: containment — not toppling the regime — was the original aim).

And, with the USSR gone, and its Cuban-sugar-daddy replacement, Venezuela, barely hanging on… Cuba is in dire straits. Now is the time when the 4th potential outcome (toppling the regime) could work — and thus precisely NOT the time to yank the embargo. Shouldn’t we at least try to gain some concessions (in the form of fundamental human rights) before lifting it? Why lift it and get nothing in return? Why give away the milk for free when you’ve held out for five decades?

At its very core, the anti-embargo argument boils down to a common error: “Because of A ‘failing’ to have its intended effect (A = embargo) and B existing (B = a totalitarian regime), that must mean B is caused or helped up by A. So if we eliminate A, then B would disappear.” It is a textbook example of a logical fallacy.

“But we do business with other repressive regimes.”

Hm, I’m aware.


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4 thoughts on “If you want to argue with a Cuban about Cuba…. be prepared”

  1. The embargo never contained Castrolandia from spreading its terror elsewhere. The USSR always operated in America through Cuba. More so, Cuba, despite the Soviet collapse, continues to operate beyond its borders. Colombia’s FARC, the Central American civil wars of the 1980s, Venezuela, and practically all the communist rot that degraded and destabilized Latin America was, and continues, linked to Cuba.

    Forget Allende and Ortega. Bachelet, Mujica, Maduro, Kirchner, Evo, etc., they are all linked to Cuba. The embargo, more than anything, was a way for USA to cover its ass regarding their direct role in Cuba’s fall to communism. USA has always had ample capacity, and ample reason, to eliminate Castro if it truly wanted to. Communism needs expansionism and in order to contain it you need to eliminate it. Immediately following the collapse of the USSR the embargo would have worked had it not been for USA’s left succumbing to Castro’s needs and demands (as we are now seeing, again).

    That said, the left has never wanted communism to fall in Cuba. It’s been 56 years of pretensions masking true intentions. This makes it more than obvious that USA’s left, perhaps in a lesser degree, is also linked to Cuba and certainly full of $ympathizers.

  2. Ziva, there has been no embargo. The rest of the world deals with Cuba. We sell Cuba lots of medical supplies and food.
    The point is none of it gets to the Cuban people.
    What Obama has done is given a life line to Cub to allow it to borrow money, which it will probably not pay back, instead
    of continuing the current situation of forcing Cuba to pay in cold hard cash. The Cuban people get no benefit from this, and the Americans will be on the hook for the expense of this. But isn’t that consistent with everything Obama does to try to bring this country down?
    I agree that this is the very time we should be squeezing Cuba more, not less. If anyone “cares about the Cuban people”, the best thing that could happen is for the Castros to lose enough money that they have to fail. It is expensive to pay all of your spies and thugs to keep the tyranny alive.
    asombra, I agree that the left does not care if communism survives. They talk a good game, but are never willing to do much to topple it. It is too close to their own thinking.

  3. I think we should be explaining less to non-Cubans and doing more on our own. It is worse than useless to argue with the willfully blind, the frankly stupid (which is not the same as ignorant) and the perverse purveyors of bad faith. Those who are genuinely open to see the light should have seen it long ago; this situation has been around for over half a century, and Cubans have been explaining it all that time. In my opinion, at least to a certain extent, it’s become unseemly and demeaning to keep explaining the obvious, when all too often we’re effectively talking to a wall.

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