Photos of the day: 56 years of Revolutionary fervor

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More images from dissident Martha Beatriz Roque.

This building is in the town of Bejucal.  It was once a pharmacy.

Yeah. You already know about stuff like this.

Everything in Castrogonia is crumbling away, save for facilities that cater to tourists and foreign businessmen and diplomats.

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But every now and then a reminder helps us all focus on the real culprit, especially in light of recent euphoria surrounding the potential lifting of the U.S. “blockade.”

Those of us who knew pre-Castro Cuba can be devastated by these images.

It’s a lot like having to stare at the rotting corpse of a murder victim while the murderers collect prizes for their heinous crime.


2 thoughts on “Photos of the day: 56 years of Revolutionary fervor”

  1. Does it ever surprise anyone the way it surprises me that Communist rulers and Islamists are so unpleasant to look at, yet that does not stop them from being propped up and loved by so many useful idiots?

    And look how gorgeous the gals of Fox News always are. For that alone Fox News should be popular. Compare them to those from left wing media.

    But enough with me demonstrating my superficiality.

    I love that if Fidel did not grab onto his brother’s arm, he could not keep his arm up.

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