State Dept. spokesperson unable to explain Obama’s disastrous one-sided deal with Cuba’s apartheid regime
State Dept. Spokesperson Jen “Obama’s water isn’t going to carry itself.” Psaki.

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki had two choices on this question: Either she answers truthfully and admits the American people and the Cuban people got royally screwed by her boss’ ill-advised deal with the Castro dictatorship or she makes a futile and reprehensible attempt to cover for Obama’s faulty reasoning and ineptitude in dealing with tyrants. Obviously — as she has done consistently and always without one iota of shame — she chose the latter.

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

State Dept. Can’t Explain Why Cuba Isn’t Fulfilling Promises Made in Obama Deal

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki repeatedly refused to answer questions this afternoon about the 53 political detainees Cuba promised to release as part of a deal with President Obama to normalize relations with the United States.

When asked about a lack of transparency in the prisoner exchange process, Psaki said, “Well, we know who’s on there. And the Cuban government knows who’s on there.”

The Cuban government hasn’t exactly been a model for transparency the last half century. Included in his deal with Cuba, Obama announced two weeks ago that the U.S. government had released three Cuban spies. The lack of progress in freeing the Cuban political prisoners increases the scrutiny on that White House decision.

After Psaki stated that she had no updates to provide, a befuddled Matt Lee asked, “Hold on — hold on a second. Can we — I mean, is it — what’s happening? Are they out? Are they not out? … Where are they?”

Psaki responded, “I don’t have any more updates to provide for you, Matt.”

Lee, frustrated, followed up, “So the Cubans don’t actually have to do anything?”

Psaki answered, “Matt, no. This is something they’ve agreed to. I would point you to them for any updates on the number of people or the people have been released.”

This State Department press briefing is sure to do little to settle concerns that the White House will not be able to keep Cuba accountable to keep their promises. Mary O’Grady of the Wall Street Journal notes, “Now, little by little, what he says he got in the ‘negotiations’ seems to be evaporating while what he gave away appears reckless.”

7 thoughts on “State Dept. spokesperson unable to explain Obama’s disastrous one-sided deal with Cuba’s apartheid regime”

  1. She looks like an airhead, not to say retarded. Talk about not fit for the job (the job she’s SUPPOSED to be doing, not the job Obama wants her to do).

  2. Castro, Inc. will eventually “come around,” when it feels like it, even though it will be essentially meaningless. It’s all a game, on both sides, not to say a glorified joke. This painfully useless State Dept. hack is absolutely a joke, and then some. “We know who’s on there.” What kind of language is that for someone in her position? What is she, a high school girl? Can you say vapid? Appalling.

  3. On the contrary, asombra, this is exactly what her job is – for Obama – not for liberty or reality, or goodness, or help for our friends or harm to our enemies. She is doing her job perfectly, with her excellent paid for designer hairdo, (and I wonder how much we are paying for that, which forces her to constantly touch her hair because it annoys her).

    This is the Obama administration to a T. No info for the American people, destroy America and liberty everywhere and enable our enemies and all enemies of liberty everywhere and then says vapid things about how we are doing what’s right for the American people and obfuscate and delay and lobster in the pot, etc.

    And you know what? It works. My liberal friends are swallowing it all whole. If I try to tell them why this policy is bad or anything Obama does, they talk over me, spout the slogans of the administration and if I try to answer, they don’t allow me to finish a point.
    Her behavior is no different from Obama’s except that he is charming with empty words and lies and she is the State Department and uses bureaucratese.

  4. Meet the female Jay Carney. Psaki apparently follows the Dianne Feinstein school of clunky, graceless accessorizing–that stupid necklace only makes her look more bogus, even if she’s doing exactly what her employer wants.

  5. Honey, you’re right. She’s doing exactly what she is being paid to do. And believe me, none of this matters. raul can execute all of the Ladies in White tomorrow and Barack Hussein Obama will continue with his plans to establish full diplomatic relations with Cuba.

    Look at the Elian case. We told them what was going to happen with Elian. The kid has been as we predicted, brainwashed. He’s a pathetic, mindless little trophy that’s still paraded around whenever the regime has one of its official events. Have any of the guilty parties responsible for this travesty accepted any blame? Absolutely not. They got what the wanted and they’ve moved on. It’s not important to them. What was important is that they did what they set out to do.

    Same here, none of this matters and tomorrow when the civil society is completely destroyed and castro et al. are are firmly revitalized, they will just sweep it under the rug and continue calling us hate filled vengeful fanatics if we call them to task.

  6. Nothing matters except Obama and Castro, Inc. getting theirs–and of course, most non-Cuban voters couldn’t care less. This whole deal is a joke, but an important part of the reason for that is that too many Cubans have not only failed to be part of the solution but have contributed to the problem. There are too many forces stacked against Cuba’s freedom and true normalization for us to be able to get anywhere with so much RELAJO, indifference, inconsistency and foolishness, not to mention opportunism and lack of dignity. Even if our conduct had been impeccable that would not necessarily guarantee success, but it would obviously be our best possible chance to succeed, and if nothing else, we would merit neither reproach nor disgrace.

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