Midwestern farmers itching to incur gigantic losses in trade with Cuba

Such a deal, Mildred! We’re gonna be rich, sellin’ stuff to those nice Cubans!

Here we go.  Hang on to your pitchfork. It’s going to be a stampede.

Midwestern farmers are begging their representatives in Washington to speed up the lifting of restrictions that prevent them from selling agricultural goods to Cuba on credit.

Yes, they want to extend credit to the worst deadbeat nation on earth.

Apparently, they also think that selling more of their stuff to Cuba on credit is going to transform the Castro dynasty’s kingdom, and, at the same time, boost the U.S. economy and create jobs in America.

Yes.  Presto-change-oh! Poof!  Meka-Leka-Hi-Meka-Hiney-Ho!  Poof!  Abra-Cadabra!  Poof!  Bacon-Snake-On, Diddle-Eee-Doo-Don! Poof!

Some of that Iowa pork and corn will transform Cuba into the Switzerland of the Western hemisphere.  Yes, sir-ee, Bob!

That Iowa pork does wonders for the soul, too.  It’s not just tyrants who are affected by its magical qualities.

Iowa bacon can make the worst of deadbeats pay their bills promptly, and turn them into responsible trade partners.

Yeah, sure, just ask Beavis and Butthead, who have apparently moved to Iowa and taken up responsible farming after ingesting some of that Iowa bacon at a Metallica tribute band concert in Dubuque.

Huh, huh… you said “sausage”…..huh, huh…”sausage”… huh, huh, huh…”sausage! sausage! sausage!”

So, get ready to see lots of your tax dollars sucked into the black hole of agri-trade with the Castro Kingdom.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture is not going to let those suckers in the Midwest go bankrupt when the Castro Kingdom refuses to pay what it owes them.

And get ready to hear the laughter emanating from Havana, along with the resounding jingle-jangle “Ka-ching!,”  as the Castronoid oligarchs count their profits on old-fashioned cash registers.

Such a deal! I’ve already learned so much from those Castro boys! Right, Mildred? Ha.

From The Gazette (Iowa)

WASHINGTON — Farm state lawmakers and agricultural groups are ramping up efforts to lift the trade embargo against Cuba in the wake of President Barack Obama’s decision to normalize diplomatic ties with Havana.

More than 25 food and agricultural interests including Cargill, which has facilities in Cedar Rapids, the National Chicken Council and the National Turkey Federation announced last week a coalition aimed at pressing Congress to scrap the embargo and open up the island to increased investment with the United States.

Among the attendees at the rollout of the U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba were Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, a former Iowa governor.

Obama last month announced that the United States will open an embassy in Cuba for the first time in 53 years, and his administration would ease some travel and trade restrictions.

Vilsack said in December that Obama’s decision will remove technical barriers between U.S. and Cuban companies and create a “more efficient, less burdensome opportunity for Cuba to buy U.S. agricultural products.”…

””Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., who attended the coalition’s rollout, said lifting unilateral trade and travel restrictions would benefit farmers and ranchers in his state.

He noted a 2010 Texas A&M University study that estimated easing restrictions and lifting the travel ban could result in $365 million in additional sales of U.S. agricultural commodities, boost the U.S. economy by $1.1 billion and create 6,000 new jobs.

“Cuba imports the vast majority of its food, so when we don’t sell agriculture products to Cuba, somebody else does,” said Moran.

Though the U.S. has allowed agricultural exports to Cuba since 2000, exporters said financing restrictions, including a requirement that Cuba pay on delivery or purchase, curbs competition for U.S. products.

Read the entire tragicomic story HERE.

Si, por favor... pagar en plazos nos encanta, si, si, credito o muerte, venceremos!
Si, por favor… pagar en plazos nos eeeencanta!… Si, si….credito o muerte, venceremos! Vamos requetebien! Mil gracias, Obamito! (An’ no corrn mofin, forr yu!)
Day Naahdah! No problemoh!

4 thoughts on “Midwestern farmers itching to incur gigantic losses in trade with Cuba”

  1. Lesson: When you’re down and people can profit off your misfortune, they WILL. Cubans have been screwed so often for so long by so many that it seems practically inevitable. This is what happens when, after fucking up REALLY badly, you sit around expecting strangers to be nice and helpful. It’s NOT happening. The strangers have had eons to do the decent thing, and we’re STILL waiting–like idiots.

  2. It’s a double-con-job. These farmers are already getting fat off of government subsidies to produce their crops. Now they will sell it risk-free to the biggest deadbeats in the world because they aren’t going to take on that risk. They’re not dumb. That’s a job for the federal government!

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