15 of the 53 “freed” prisoners had already been released before December 17

From dissident Martha Beatriz Roque:

Another wrinkle in the release of those 53 prisoners.

Fifteen of them had already been released, before the December 17 announcement by the current occupant of the White House.

Many of them had already served their full sentence.   Some were imprisoned without a trial or definite sentence.

So… for those who are sticklers for detail: only 38 imprisoned dissidents were released after the U.S./Castro deal was announced.

This could be one of the reasons behind the secrecy surrounding the names of the 53.

It seems obvious that the Castro regime inflated the figures and hoped no one would notice nearly a month after the U.S./Castro accord.  The current U.S. government most definitely signed on to this Castro strategy, refusing to reveal the 53 names.

It should be noted that none of these 15 ex-prisoners and none of the other 38 have been granted full freedom. They are all on conditional release and can be re-arrested at any moment for “disobedience.” Many of them served time in prison without a trial.

Those who were jailed at the Mar Verde prison in Santiago de Cuba were literally shoved out of the front door and each one was given one Cuban peso and told “find your way home.”  None were given any official release documents.

The dates below are European style: day/month/year

Alcibiades Guerra Marín- Served his full sentence,  released 28/12/14
César Andrés Sánchez Pérez- released a year ago.
David Bustamante Rodríguez- released 9/12/14 at midnight.
Eider Frómeta Allen- released 4/7/14.
Eliso Castillo González- released in late July 2014.
Eugenio Hernández Hernández – released  9/12/14.
Juan Carlos Vázquez Osorio-  released  10/12/14
Juliet Michelena Díaz –  released  7/11/14
Madeline Lázara Caraballo Betancourt (Lady in White) –  released in April 2014.
Marcelino Abreu Bonora- released  24/10/14 , re-arrested  9/12/14,  released 26/12/14
Ramón Alejandro Muñoz released 9/12/14
Sonia Garro released 9/12/14, without a trial
Jorge Cervantes García released 6/8/14, after serving a full sentence
José Leyva Díaz –  released 31/7/14, after serving a full 2-year sentence
Vladimir Morera Bacallao – released in late September, 2014

5 thoughts on “15 of the 53 “freed” prisoners had already been released before December 17”

  1. It’s OK, Carlos. Even if they’d all been released after December 17th, it would still be essentially meaningless. This kind of, uh, irregularity simply indicates how crude and half-assed these “negotiations” were, at least on the Obama side. It’s all a farce, anyway, so why sweat the details?

  2. I agree, Asombra…. This piece of news only serves to highlight the meaninglessness of the word “negotiation” can be when spoken by the current occupant of the White House. One would hope that the White House could at least hire better propagandists and fixers to hide the details of their total surrender to all of the wrong people. They’re not even trying to hide their nefariousness. And that makes me nervous, because the reaction to it is so minimal. By now, Mr. Occupant should have been impeached.

  3. The Obama people didn’t sweat the details partly because their boss is a slacker who feels no obligation to do much beyond posing and going through the motions, but mostly because they figured it simply wasn’t necessary. Nobody but “those people” would take much notice, if any, and we’re talking Cuba here, a matter that has been VERY badly handled since even before 1959–it’s an established American tradition. Besides, if something like Benghazi could be so horrendously botched, and this administration could STILL get away with it, why on earth would they care about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on a deal with Castrogonia?

    As for the Occupant being impeached, surely you either jest or hallucinate. The Republicans, even with control of Congress, don’t have anything even remotely close to the balls that would take–they’d never risk it (if Clinton had been black, they wouldn’t have risked it with him either). Politicians in general are far more invested in staying in office than in doing what’s best for the country. Let’s face it, political correctness has this society firmly in its grip, and impeaching the first black president is absolutely out of the question (as the Occupant knows perfectly well, because he’s plenty lazy, but hardly stupid).

  4. It is not Obama’s fault or even our congress’s fault that things are in such a bad state. It is the fault of the American people that Obama was elected, serves, and that he does not get grief for all of his disgusting behavior.
    This has been my mantra from day one.

    When Obama on January 20th, 2009 immediately spent almost a trillion dollars we don’t have and then began his socialist, communist takeover, bowed to leaders, and did one terrible thing after another and the American people did not raise a fuss, no one is to blame for whatever crap he pulls except them. And when conservatives stayed home rather than vote for Romney and we got more of the same as Obama was reelected, and when my liberal friends rejoiced that he got reelected because of global warming or women’s issues, and still hated Bush instead of blaming Obama, I blame the American people.
    And even now, if anyone is a bit uncomfortable about Obama, they would still vote for Hillary in a heartbeat.

    To this day if I ever try to tell any of my liberal friends all that is wrong, I get huge arguments. So we are screwed, but we have no one to blame but those who make excuses for this outrageously terrible president..

  5. Yes, Honey, the electorate has seriously degenerated. The resulting elected officials simply reflect the voters. Lord have mercy.

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