HAH! NOW(!!!) I’ll outsmart those insufferable hard-liners: “We trade with China!–So why not with Cuba??!…GOTCHA!”


“But we trade with China, for crying out loud!” comes the reflexive retort. “So why not with Cuba?!”

China’s (admittedly despicable regime) allows a genuine private sector, pays its bills and has lots of goods Americans want—even need. An American can do business with a Chinese businessman not directly affiliated to the Chinese government. Whereas Cuba’s constitution outlaws essentially all private property, except fruit stands and shoe-shine booths. Essentially every business transaction and tourist expenditure in Cuba enriches the communist regime. As mentioned, the proof and verdict on this item has been in for years, for anyone who bothers to look.

Cubans themselves have seen and felt it during the past few years: record foreign investment and record tourism to Cuba = enrichment of the Cuban regime and increased repression. Plainly observable proof blew the “libertarian” pipe-dream to smithereens years ago. Alas, these dogmatists never bothered to poke their nose from behind their books on economic theory while in their parent’s basement to observe the real world.

Our friends at Townhall help explain some items not fully comprehended outside the miniscule Cuban-American informational ghetto.