Prosecutor in Argentina assassinated Cuba-style: Who killed Nisman?

An Argentine prosecutor who discovered evidence of a cover up by President Kirchner to protect Iranian terrorists who carried out the worst terrorist attack in Argentina is suddenly murdered the night before he was to testify before lawmakers. The attempt by his assassins to make it look like a suicide was quite transparent and reminiscent of how Cuba’s Castro regime rids itself of pesky individuals who can expose their corruption and criminal activities.

Via Fausta’s Blog:

Argentina: Who killed #Nisman?

  • No traces of gunpowder on his hands
  • Gun was not his
  • Apparently none of the ten security officers assigned to protect Nisman was stationed on the thirteenth floor of the apartment building on which he lived
  • Theory of “induced suicide”
  • Minister for State Security on the scene before police investigating authorities
  • Ariel Lijo, the Argentinian judge who received Nisman’s 300 page complaint alleging the involvement of President Cristina ?Fernández de Kirchner and others in covering up Iran’s culpability for the 1994 bombing of the AMIA, ordered the seizure of all documentation and other evidence referred to in the complaint
  • Left shopping list for his housekeeper

Following the outpour of outraged citizens in Buenos Aires and the country, the government has issued more information:

Spain’s El País reports (link in Spanish) that forensic tests showed no traces of gunpowder on Alberto Nisman’s hands.

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Viviana Fein, explains it as, “Coming from a small caliber weapon, 22 caliber, usually that causes that electronic sweeps show no results.” The weapon had no silencer.

Fein had previously revealed that the gun that shot the bullet in Nisman’s brain was not his, although he owned and had permits for two firearms; additionally,

Fein said she would not rule out the possibility that Nisman was “induced” to suicide.

Which, of course, opens innumerable spin opportunities for the government propaganda machine.

The AP suggests that none of the ten security officers assigned to protect Nisman was stationed on the thirteenth floor of the apartment building on which he lived.

The time of death appears to have been in the mid-afternoon, while none of his bodyguards were present.

Fein also had Nisman’s office raided today.

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  1. Oh, but Cretina loves Jews–loves them to death. She even adopted one recently so he wouldn’t turn into a werewolf, the poor creature. No, this just LOOKS bad, but there must be a perfectly reasonable explanation. How about the housekeeper? Or better still, some crazed right-wing extremist? You know, the kind Maduro is always escaping from in Venezuela. How about Posada Carriles? He’s always a likely suspect. This is obviously a plot to discredit a paragon of Latrine leadership. I’m sure the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo are totally behind the president, just like every other Latrine president. But don’t worry, it’ll blow over soon enough, same as Benghazi did.

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