Who is the winner in the Obama/Raul match?

Boxing MatchWhen you throw the first punch in a fight, your chances of winning are enhanced. Nevertheless, you would be responsible for any collateral damage that you may have caused.

With the above in mind, Cuban Government officials threw the first punch when they confiscated the holdings of U.S. businesses shortly after Fidel rose to power in 1959 – which originally were valued at $1.8 billion, and which at 6 percent simple interest translates to nearly $7 billion in 2014.

Statements made in the U.S. media outlets indicating that the purpose of the U.S. embargo was regime change are nothing more that the Castro propaganda machine in full swing. Even President Obama has fallen victim to this propaganda by repeating the Castro mantra in his speeches.

You would think that any opening with Cuba would entail the compensation of the $7 billion owed to U.S. businesses. After all, if the President of the United States cannot look after its own citizens, then who will? Obama did not make these property claims a condition precedent to the normalization of diplomatic relations with the rogue, Castro regime. He should have!

President Obama is about to find out why it is not wise to negotiate with dictators from a position of weakness. There have been many Cuban-Americans who have criticized the President for the unilateral concessions made to the Cuban Government and with getting very little in return. They rightly have argued that the big winner in these negotiations has been Raul Castro.

Well, Dictator Raul Castro demanded the U.S. Government on January 28, 2015, for the return of Guantanamo Base. But, even more outrageous, Raul demanded that the U.S. Government compensate the Cuban Government for the losses caused by the U.S. embargo – which, according to a Cuban official on September 10, 2014, amounted to $1.1 trillion.

Delusional, right???!!! So, Raul wants to be rewarded for stealing from U.S. business owners. Indeed, these claims would be delusional to anyone with a logical mind!

President Obama’s reasoning for his Cuba opening was to enhance his legacy. With Raul’s demands announced today, I don’t think that the President would want to be remembered for this initiative. In fact, “History Will Not Absolve Obama” for putting his alleged interests over the interests of Americans.

See http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2015/01/28/raul-castro-demands-us-pay-back-cubans-for-damages-return-guantanamo/

2 thoughts on “Who is the winner in the Obama/Raul match?”

  1. We’re not getting this thing, and we’re underestimating Obama’s hand. Even if the “deal” were to fall apart because of Castro, Inc.’s “intransigence,” Obama will STILL get credit (and plenty of it) for doing his part “in good faith” and “daring to go where no POTUS had gone before.” At most, the usual suspects, starting with the NYT, will blame Havana, NOT Obama for any failure (assuming they don’t blame anyone and everyone who even remotely expected Castro, Inc. to change its tune). It’s a great set-up, and I expect the Occupant knew that, because he sure as hell knows the usual suspects have his back.

  2. Well, if anything, the NYT’s and other media outlets that constantly scream for a lifting of the embargo and rapprochement with the regime have had the rug pulled from under their feet. If Obama doesn’t totally acquiesce and capitulate to the regime’s insane demands [and it’s not beyond him to do so], how is the MSM, the Cuba experts and the ad-hoc groups of “intellectuals” and businessmen who are forever signing letters to the president asking for unilateral concessions going to keep up the same shit without looking ridiculous?

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