Thank you so very much, New York Times, for putting the “big” in “bigotry.”


Here we go again.

Favoring the Castro regime and denigrating Cuban exiles seems to be a hard habit to break for the New York Times.

The addiction is evident, and so is the giddiness with which that newspaper enjoys this peculiar habit.

Unfortunately, there is no rehab for this addiction, and if there were, the NYT would be a prime candidate for perpetual relapses.

The only prescription for the NYT’s bigotry fever seems to be more bigotry.

This time around, they recruited Ann Louise Bardach, one of the most virulent of pro-Castro anti-exile bigots, to write a special piece on one of the items on Raul Castro’s list of demands.

Ann Louise Bardach
Ann Louise Bardach

Although a reference to Dana Carvey’s old SNL “Church Lady” skits was probably unintended, the title of her essay echoes one of the Church Lady’s favorite sarcastic insults:

“Well, isn’t that special?”

What makes this essay so special is the way in which it combines two of the favorite flavors of the day: the “normalization” issue with race-baiting.

Yes, race-baiting.  Did you know that the chief reason we Cubans enjoy a preferential immigration status is the fact that most of us are white?

And –of course — you must have already known that Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Robert Menendez are “privileged” white racists who love being unfair to dark-skinned Hispanic immigrants?

Yes, sir, yes ma’m.  And get a load of the carefully-selected–perhaps specially commissioned–image used to illustrate this essay, which reinforces its race-baiting:


Wait a minute, Ann, wait a minute, NYT, aren’t all Lateeeeen-oh’s NOT white by definition?

What about all those forms we have to fill out with little boxes to check: White, Hispanic, Asian, African-American, Native American, Alaskan, Aleut, and so on?   Don’t those forms prove that “Hispanic” is a non-white race?

Oh well, we just can’t win.  On top of being white rather than “Hispanic”  we Cuban exiles are also Republicans who constitute a “veritable crime syndicate.”

As Jimmy Fallon might say on one of his Friday night Thank-you sessions:


 Why Are Cubans So Special?

By Ann Louise Bardach

Every Cuban knows the “wet foot, dry foot” drill: Risk fleeing to the United States and get caught at sea, and you will be sent back to the island; but if you wangle just one toe onto dry land, you’re home free. From there, typically, it’s a fast track to permanent residency, and eligibility for all manner of benefits, from green cards to welfare, then citizenship — all compliments of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966. Indeed, for almost a half century, Cubans have been the most privileged immigrants in the United States.

The repeal of this Cold War relic of immigration policy is long overdue. Last week, on the same day that the highest-level American diplomat in almost 40 years arrived in Cuba, the Miami-Dade County Commission unanimously voted to petition Congress to revise the act. Should the commission get its wish, the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, devised in 1995, would likely also be upended.

Most Americans are under the impression that the Republican Party is unequivocally opposed to amnesty for immigrants. In fact, it has long backed a blanket amnesty — but only for Cubans. For every other hopeful immigrant, the party’s message has been clear: “Deportations, deportations, deportations,” to quote Jorge Ramos, the Walter Cronkite of Spanish-language television. Why?

One answer is that the 2.1 million Cuban-Americans have been, until quite recently, a rock-solid Republican constituency. There is also a race and class issue. Unlike most of Central and Latin America, Cuba does not have a distinct indigenous population (the Spanish slaughtered almost all of the native Indians of the island). Hence those fleeing the Castro regime in the 1960s and ’70s were almost entirely white, educated and middle or upper class….

 ….There are…compelling reasons to end the Cuban Privilege. One of them is fairness. Are Cubans seeking a better way of life really more deserving than, say, refugees fleeing death squads or drug cartels?

Another is its enabling of a veritable crime syndicate….

Continue your exposure to this venom HERE.  There are many, many more toxins to inhale in the rest of this piece.

Love that Niuyortain: it’s so special! Obey its commands, Obamita, or else!

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  1. We’re always in a no-win situation with the NYT and other usual suspects: the game is rigged and has been all along, since even before 1959 (see Herbert Matthews), and the NYT has always been a leading player in that game–a pioneer, actually. Our ethnic/racial character can be whatever best suits the item in question on the agenda at any given time. One thing, however, remains constant: the malicious ill-will of the likes of the NYT towards all anti-Castro Cubans. To a very significant extent, Fidel Castro was the NYT’s Frankenstein monster, and they cannot or will not forsake their creature.

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