Two Cuban baseball slaves escape from Castro plantation

Dainer Moreira
Dainer Moreira

Before the Obama-Castro romance really heats up and “defecting” becomes impossible, some Cuban athlete-slaves are bolting from their plantation.

Ungrateful wretches.

How can they show such disrespect for  this “historic” romance, and for their generous, loving owner?

Vladimir Gutierrez
Vladimir Gutierrez

From USA Today:

Two players from the Cuban team competing in the Caribbean Series have defected.

Heriberto Suarez, national director of baseball in Cuba, confirmed to USA TODAY Sports that shortstop Dainer Moreira and 19-year-old pitcher Vladimir Gutierrez had abandoned the team on Tuesday.

“They decided to leave the hotel,” Suarez said. “We met today and we’re going to continue forward. We remain united and confident.”

The defections happened Tuesday night after the Cuban team returned to its hotel following its second loss in as many games in the tournament. Suarez did not provide details, but said the players’ departures are especially painful because Cuba is in the middle of a competition.

“We are very disappointed,” he said. “But this will serve as a platform for us to carry on stronger and more unified. We will continue giving our best and will return to Cuba together.”

The defections are the latest blow to Cuban baseball, which has suffered a talent drain in recent years as All-Star-quality players like Jose Abreu, Yasiel Puig, Aroldis Chapman and Yoenis Cespedes have escaped from the Communist island to pursue their fortune in Major League Baseball.

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