Regarding Obama-Castro deal, Hollywood’s Cuban-Americans are very shrewd (career-wise)–Very ignorant or cowardly (otherwise)

When asked about associating with opinions like the ones espoused daily on Babalu Blog, Hollywood’s Cuban-Americans–almost en masse, and very wisely–ran for cover. A couple (William Levy, Daisy Fuentes) shrewdly tip-toed around the issue and one (Andy Garcia) slithered away from commenting in any form. To wit:

Oscar-nominated actor Andy Garcia, who was born in Havana and has been very outspoken about his disapproval of the Castro regime in the past, even campaigning for the release of political prisoners, declined to comment when Variety Latino reached out to his publicist, as did actor Danny Pino of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

Entire story from Variety here.

(But in fact Andy Garcia made himself clear on this issue almost exactly a year ago, as reported here by the relentless jodedores at Babalu:)



4 thoughts on “Regarding Obama-Castro deal, Hollywood’s Cuban-Americans are very shrewd (career-wise)–Very ignorant or cowardly (otherwise)”

  1. In defense of William Levy, when he was on “Dancing with the Stars,” he mentioned how repressive the regime was and that his stepfather was a political prisoner. Regarding Daisy Fuentes, she’s totally irrelevant at this point. When’s the last time you saw her on TV? Even if she were to start a campaign against normalization, nobody would care and most people would probably not even know who she is. The ones who could get attention, but won’t do a thing are the Estefans.

  2. Humberto, don’t bother asking the rest of the lot unless you want more of the same. And Alberto, there are always exceptions, but no matter how honorable, that doesn’t change the norm. However, the idea that a celebrity’s opinion is any more important or significant than anybody else’s is both bogus and offensive, and a good case could be made for show biz celebrities keeping their politics to themselves.

  3. As for the Estefans, well, they went to bed with Obama, so their position was already compromised, and I expect they figure it’s better to lay low than to stir up shit and make the stench more noticeable. It looks to me like the Brian Williams/NBC approach: wait and see and hope things blow over so business as usual can be resumed.

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