Swiss-Leaks Reveals $84 million in illegal HSBC bank accounts by 70 Castroite Cubans

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“You SORRY Chumps!!! In the history books you’re all (Batista, Somoza, Trujillo, Perez-Jimenz) “U.S.-Backed brutal, filthy-rich, corrupt dictators.” But we’re selfless providers of free health-care and plucky nationalists–innocent victims of a brutal and witless economic blockade imposed by the same folks who BACKED you!”



But in fact Cuban colony Venezuela holds the number 3 place in these world rankings of corruption, so the figures for Cubans is probably much higher….

Story in English here.

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  1. Like our current dictator, Trujillo flashed lots of stars and other military bling. Unlike our despot, he’d been in the military over a decade before he reached power and was already a general and head of the army by then. No doubt that, after becoming head of state, he inflated his rank (to “generalissimo”) and gave himself spurious medals (which he apparently loved, like Brezhnev did), but he was not a fraud like our totally faux “general.” No self-respecting Cuban should dignify him with that title except in a clearly sarcastic vein–leave that BS to the foreign press and usual suspects, the same ones who invariably call Batista dictator but rarely if ever say that about either Castro.

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