Why does the (“liberty-loving”) CATO Institute plug propaganda from a convicted Communist spy?


In 2001 the author (Ana Belen Montes) of the very 1998 Defense Dept. report flaunted above by the CATO Institute as proof that Castro’s regime “poses no threat” was convicted of espionage–the same crimes as were Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. She sits in a maximum-security U.S. prison as I write. Only a plea-bargain spared her from frying in the electric chair like the Rosenbergs.

And yet the CATO Institute’s very Director of its Center for Trade Policy Studies (as documented above) still quotes that report to buttress the CATO Institute’s position against the so-called Cuba embargo.

Watch John Stossel’s rollicking Fox Business show tonight (at 9 PM ET) to see the reaction of both John and a CATO Cuba “expert” when a Babalusian drops this bomb on them.

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Great Disco song, by the way.

(Update: As I feared, this bomb-dropping was completely edited out of the show. In fact practically everything essential to my presentation was cut out of the show–because they all made Stossel and his little libertarian buddy look like blithering morons on this issue. Naturally i expected some editing….but the censorship by Stossel and his producers was so grotesque that I almost didn’t recognize what aired last night from what had actually transpired during the studio taping last Thursday. Simply appalling. In a series of posts I’ll be mounting a counterattack against their intellectual dishonesty here at Babalu. Please stay tuned…..)


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