Dissident savagely attacked by Castro thugs


Smashing someone’s skull with a metal pipe is tantamount to attempted murder.

(If you’ve ever sustained severe head trauma, you know why, exactly.)

This is what Castro goons did to one brave Cuban today.

The eighteen stitches on his scalp are nothing compared to what is going on in his brain right now, and the challenges he faces in the months and years ahead.

Police also attacked and arrested those who complained about this incident, and about the intentionally delayed medical response to the victim’s serious injuries.

It took four hours for an ambulance to show up.

This type of incident  is what the current occupant of the White House must have meant when he spoke of “empowering the Cuban people.”

Yeah.  He meant it.  Seriously.  You just have to realize that when he spoke of the “Cuban people” he was referring only to the Castro dynasty and its agents.


Capitol Hill Cubans report on this atrocity:

Cuban Dissident Nearly Beaten to Death 

Cuban democracy activist, Rolando Diaz Silva, was viciously attacked with a metal pipe inside his home.

The attack has been attributed to tactics by Castro’s security forces that seek to intimidate lesser-known dissidents and dissuade them from joining opposition groups.

After being beaten nearly to death, it took over four hours for an ambulance to arrive at Diaz Silva’s home.

A group of six dissidents who protested the lack of medical attention were subsequently beaten and arrested by the authorities. They include Lourdes Esquivel, a Ladies in White activist, and Mario Alberto Hernandez, a recently released political prisoner from Obama-Castro’s “Group of 53.”


All of which leads to the question of the day, posed in another Capitol Hill Cubans article.

Will Senator McCaskill Visit Cuban Dissident Nearly Beaten to Death?

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is headed to Cuba this weekend to explore “trade opportunities.”

In other words, she’s going to visit Castro’s dictatorship, which maintains a monopoly over all foreign trade with the island.

Click here for more details.

But perhaps Senator McCaskill can take some time from her concocted itinerary to visit the victims of her tyrannical hosts.

Senator Claire McCaskill
Senator Claire McCaskill

She should take a few minutes to visit with Rolando Diaz Silva, of the Movement for a New Republic, who was nearly beaten to death this week.

He surely needs international solidarity.

Or with the half-dozen dissidents from The Ladies in White and other groups, who were arrested for seeking medical assistance for Diaz Silva.

We know, we know…

Diaz Silva and these dissidents, along with 99.99% of other Cubans, aren’t allowed (by Castro’s regime) to buy agricultural products from Missouri.

Plus they are not the focus of Obama’s new rapprochement with Cuba’s dictatorship.

But they matter too.

Gotta love those “Cuban people”– what a hoot they are!

6 thoughts on “Dissident savagely attacked by Castro thugs”

  1. But Carlos, Obama’s crackerjack negotiators were able to obtain the unprecedented release of 53 dissidents!! The negotiations never promised that the regime wouldn’t beat up, maim, kill or re-arrest new and old dissidents alike!

  2. This will be ignored, as numerous murders by the Castro regime (not just attempted, but consummated) are being ignored. Ask the families of the BTTR pilots and Oswaldo Payá, for starters. McCaskill (who looks like a joke) is absolutely not touching this, since it would sabotage the purpose of her trip, which has NOTHING to do with human rights–and neither does Obama’s “normalization” of relations.

    Castro, Inc. can always get Brazil’s vile Lula to dismiss the incident as just another common delinquent acting up and getting out of hand, like the consummately dead Orlando Zapata Tamayo, but it won’t come to that. It’s almost demeaning for us to even make an issue out of this, since all the usual suspects know the score perfectly well, or certainly well enough, but simply don’t give a shit. We really must stop expecting, let alone asking for, pears from an elm tree–it’s NOT happening.

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