Cuban athlete seeking asylum in Netherlands says “I’m tired of being a slave”


The Castro regime’s slave labor export business has suffered yet another loss.

This particular case — which involves a defecting track coach– sheds light on the corrupt system created by the Castro regime, in which labor is exported at bargain rates and in which the laborers receive only a fraction of the money paid for their work.

The fact that the Castro regime would send eight track coaches to the very small and poor African nation of Djibouti shows how disproportionally huge the Cuban slave labor system really is, and how closely tied it is to its propaganda and espionage goals.

Will this system be discussed in the current “normalization” talks between Castrogonia and the U.S.?  Yeah, sure.  Dream on.

From Cafe Fuerte:

Marathon runner Alberto Cuba Carrero –one of the Castro Kingdom’s top athletes – has asked for political asylum in the Netherlands.

“We are slaves of the Cuban government and I’m tired of being a slave of the Castro brothers. When I was competing in marathon races every prize I won would be taken by the government, and this is still happening.”

Cuba Carrero, now 52, had just spent two years in the Djibuti, working as a coach for that tiny African nation’s long distance runners, and was on his way back to Cuba. When his flight made a layover stop in the Netherlands, he got off the plane and asked for political asylum.


A tribunal in Amsterdam approved his request, but his case still needs to be approved by the Netherlands’ immigration authorities. In the meantime, he is living in a refugee shelter.

“The attitude of the Dutch authorities is all wrong. They don’t know much about the real situation for Cubans and they think that everything you tell them is a lie.”

Cuba Carrero was one of eight Cuban trainers in Djibuti, where he and the others were paid only a fraction of the salary the Djibuti government shelled out for their services.

The Cuban government cheated us, he says “(Son unos estafadores”). “Our contracts were handled by the Cuban authorities. I never saw my contract and never signed one.”

Cuba Carrero had recently been reprimanded by the Cuban ambassador in Djibuti for having posed for a photo with the American ambassador. Cuba Carrero described the Cuban ambassador as a “piece of shit” (“es una mierda”) who “acts like a tyrant.”

Whole story HERE, in the quaint Castellano dialect.

Hey, Raul, I will trade you Guantanamo naval base for three track coaches!
Hey, Raul, I will trade you Guantanamo naval base for three slave athletes!

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