Castro regime caught in arms smuggling again, this time with China

The Da Dan Xia
The Da Dan Xia

As the current occupant of the White House and his acolytes pressure the legislative branch of the U.S. government to remove the Castro regime from the list of terror-sponsoring nations that pose a threat to the U.S., some Colombian busybodies intercept a Cuba-bound Chinese ship named the Da Dan Xia loaded with explosives and weapons.

Gee whiz, gosh darn it, this must be a plot hatched by the CIA.

The Castro regime has a spotless record when it comes to arms shipments and such tomfoolery.

Those Castro brothers and their colorful sidekicks have always been as harmless as hamsters or de-clawed kittens.

That Korean ship loaded with missiles and Mig war planes — the Charlie Chan Gang or Chon Gangnam Bong or whatever — was also a CIA plant.

Well, Lordy-Lord, Mildred, I reckon those mean-spirited Cuban exiles will want to make a fuss over this, just to shame our great president, who is so valiantly trying to treat those wonderful visionary Cuban leaders with the respect they deserve.

It’s almost enough to make a grown man cry.  Boo hoo…..sob, sob….sniff, sniff…. get me some tissues, quick, Mildred, I’m all clogged up with snot from crying so hard…..

Oh, those poor misunderstood Castro brothers, such saintly humanitarians, will they ever get the Nobel Peace Prize they so richly deserve?

Oh, those nasty devilish exiles, when will they ever cease their shameful belly-aching and low-down dirty tricks?

Ding doggetty doo, Mildred, I tell ya, those nasty exiles are lower than a snake in a tire rut.  I triple dog dare you to find a group of people more deserving of scorn than those gosh-darn Cuban ref-yoo-gees.

Some of the weapons and ammunition found on the Da Dan Xia
Some of the weapons and ammunition found on the Da Dan Xia

From the masters of understatement at the BBC:

Colombia detains Cuba-bound Chinese ship carrying weapons

Colombian officials say they have detained the captain of a China-flagged ship bound for Cuba for illegally carrying explosives and other arms.

The attorney general’s office said the ship was stopped over the weekend in the Caribbean port of Cartagena.

Officials said about 100 tons of gunpowder, almost three million detonators and some 3,000 cannon shells were found on board.

The ship’s records said it was carrying grain products.

“The documentation that the captain had in regards to the merchandise that was being transported did not correspond to what we found,” said Luiz Gonzalez, national director of the Colombian attorney general’s office.

He said the Chinese captain, Wu Hong, would be charged with weapons trafficking.

The ship was been impounded and searched for 48 hours before the order for the arrest of the captain was made.

Ese barco chino de mierda viene directamente de Langley, Virginia  (That crappy Chinese ship comes straight from Langley, Virginia)
Ese barco chino de mierda viene directamente de Langley, Virginia (That crappy Chinese ship comes straight from Langley, Virginia)

If you have trouble trusting those Brits — the same shifty imperialists who betrayed their own Lawrence of Arabia — then check what the continental Europeans have to say.

Sorry, at this point in time, no report is available from Granma North, a,k.a. The New York Times, or in Cubaspeak, El Niuyortain.

From Granma X-tra Lite, a.k.a. Reuters or Royte

Colombia detains China-flagged ship for illegal arms transport

Colombian authorities detained a China-flagged ship traveling to Cuba for illegally transporting around 100 tonnes of gunpowder and other materials used to make explosives and arrested the captain, the attorney general’s office said.

The vessel was stopped on Saturday in the northern port of Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast, after the materials were detected during inspection. The cargo was listed in the ship’s records as grain products.

Around 100 tonnes of powder, 2.6 million detonators, 99 projectiles and around 3,000 cannon shells were found,” Luis Gonzalez, the national director of the attorney general’s office, told reporters.

Cargo documentation the captain presented did not match the load the ship was found to be carrying, Gonzalez said. Photographs from the prosecutor’s office showed wooden cases inside a shipping container with labels stating Chinese defense manufacturer Norinco as the supplier.

The recipient was stated as importer Tecnoimport in the Cuban capital Havana. Neither company could be immediately reached for comment.

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  1. Obama doesn’t care, because this is all about his legacy and about caving in to the leviathans of American big business who have been behind the push to lift the embargo for decades, remember, despite his reputation as an outsider, Obama is squarely in the pocket of American big business, besides when you have someone like Phil Peters and Susan Eckstein who will undoubtedly trivialize this finding, what do you have to worry about? What “Cuba expert” was it that dismissed the shipment of armaments to South Korean saying that those were old out of use weapons? Oh, by the way, did I warn you not to hold your breath waiting for the NYT’s to editorialize about this? By the way, is that horrible Colombian journalist from the NYT’s that used to write all of those pro-engagement with Cuba opinion pieces still around?

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