Cuban health care! Come on down, Conan, come on down, medical tourists, come on down! Hurry, before it’s all spoiled!

Photos of the day, from Martha Beatriz Roque.

Scenes from one of the four hospitals in the new province of Artemisa, near Havana.

Take a look and be amazed.

Astonishing.  Breathtaking.  Nauseating.

Hey, what did you expect?  It’s free, gratis, gratuitkostenlos. You get what you pay for, especially under humanitarian visionary dictators.

Conan, this place would have been a perfect backdrop for Triumph, the insult comic dog.  So sorry you and Triumph missed it.

Imagine the laughs Triumph could have elicited by interviewing doctors, nurses, and patients!

And how about that toilet?  And that trash can for food?  Sooooo funny!  Your sidekick Andy Richter could have dressed up in a turd costume or as a chicken bone and made the audience roar in merriment.

And how about that rusty metal chair?  It would be so perfect for your guests.

Oh, you didn’t invite Raul, or his daughter, or Fidel’s sons?  Or any generals?  Or the Cuban Five? Or Smokin’ Graciela, the cigar lady?   Too bad.  It would have been hilarious to see them sitting on that chair, in that hospital!

Too late, too bad.  Maybe on your next visit?

Peligro en el hospital 7_resize

Peligro en el hospital 6

Peligro en el hospital 8

Peligro en el hospital 5_resize

Peligro en el hospital 3

Peligro en el hospital 4
Trash can for food items


Oye, Conancito, invitame a tu proximo encantaria darte un beso!
Oye, Conancito, invitame a tu proximo show…me encantaria darte un beso, y al gordito Andy y a tu perrito tambien!

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  1. What’s the problem? So it’s a filthy crappy hospital in a third-world shithole. It’s supposed to be that way, just as in every other third-world shithole. It’s not for Canadians or Europeans, now is it? Like, get a clue already. Besides, noble savages are fine with such conditions; this is natural for them. That’s the problem with “those people”–they refuse to accept their proper place.

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