Joke and dance about this, Conan: children of jailed Cuban dissidents face rape threats


Normalize this, Mister O’Brien!

Small detail, really.  And why should people like Conan O’Brien  and Paris Hilton care about something as annoying as human rights abuses by the Castro regime?

Castro’s Cuba is a magical land of wonder and merriment, filled with colorful characters whose sole desire in life is to serve as a backdrop — or even as slaves — for American tourists.

We must all thank the current occupant of the White House for being such a visionary leader.  Really.  Yes.

If it weren’t for his romance with Raul, those uppity “dissidents” would be standing in the way of re-establishing “normal” relations with the Castro regime.

What would you rather see as a tourist in Cuba: some unpleasantly noisy black women being dragged away by the police, or costumed clowns and dandies who are willing to dance with you on the street?


If you want to see for yourself how far these spoilsports will go to ruin a good time, take a look at this very recent report from some of those “dissidents” (who are really nothing more than a bunch of sorry-ass complainers paid by Cuban exiles to make trouble).

Some “dissident” has the nerve to claim that members of the Castro regime’s security forces not only beat her up and threw her in jail, but threatened to rape her eight-year old daughter too, adding lurid details to the threats.

Can you believe these people? They not only fabricate horror stories, but dare to call their silly little club “The Rosa Parks Movement for Civil Rights.”

Such disrespect for American history! It’s egregious, and unacceptable!

Why can’t they just be happy with the new historic romance between the Castro dynasty and the White House?

The report is very long, and filled with disturbing details, so here is just an excerpt.

For the whole report, go HERE.

From Translating Cuba:

Harrowing Testimony of Damaris Moya Portieles After Agents Threaten to Rape her Daughter

Damaris Moya Portieles

I have gone through something very painful with my young 5 year old daughter, Lazara Yorgelis Contreras Moya.

The situation occurred in Santa Claraon Wednesday, May 2nd, when 18 peaceful dissidents- members of the Central Opposition Coalition, the Rosa Parks Movement for Civil Rights, and of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience Front- were congregated to carry out the accustomed weekly candlelight vigil to demand freedom for all political prisoners. After the vigil, we stepped outside to the street to take a picture of our group. We also shouted “freedom for the political prisoners” and “democracy for the Cuban people”.

More than 80 State Security agents and members of the Special Brigades from the Ministry of the Interior (who had been keeping an eye on the house during the entire vigil) ran at us and started to beat us.

They savagely beat me and they dragged me by my hair, then shoving me into the police vehicle, detaining me and taking me to the Instructional Unit. None of this is new. In fact, it occurs frequently.

When I arrived at the Unit, the agents put me in a cell. It was here where the horrors began.

I recall that agent Eric Francis Aquino Yera was the officer on watch that night. Yera is highly dangerous because of his predatory instincts. This officer ordered two supposed common prisoners to shout from another cell that they were going to rape my 5 year old daughter. I cannot forget those obscene words which they used to describe everything they would do to my innocent child “by the back and by the front”. I protested, I told them they were pigs and abusers. They just screamed more at me.

I wish I had the sufficient valor to textually repeat the words they used, but I cannot. They terrify me. I can only say that one of those two people was most aggressive, and his voice could be heard over that of the other, and it was more cruel and threatening each time, while I could hear the satisfied cackle of Aquino Yera.

This torture lasted all night and I felt very bad and was worried for Lazarita. I was desperate for daytime to come; I wanted to be able to let my husband and my mother know so that they could keep an eye on her, so that they would not send her off to school.

It's working, it's working....this normalization is becoming ever more normal, so very normal
It’s working, it’s working….this normalization is becoming ever more normal, so very normal

5 thoughts on “Joke and dance about this, Conan: children of jailed Cuban dissidents face rape threats”

  1. Bad Negroes don’t matter, and neither do their children, certainly not to the usual suspects (including black ones, starting with Obama). If the exact same story had come out of apartheid South Africa, though, O-M-G: outrage on steroids from all and sundry, and then some. Well, O’Brien is paid extremely well for his shtick, such as it is (just as Brian Williams was for being a compulsively self-aggrandizing news-reading mannequin), and Conan’s going with it. It’s not as if anybody minds his Cuba antics in the least except “those people” and the odd “reactionary” like Jay Nordlinger, so he’s perfectly safe, even “cool,” and he knows it. The usual suspects aren’t stupid, you know; they’re finely attuned to what will or will not advance their interests and act accordingly. It’s nothing personal, necessarily–just business.

  2. No doubt it’s possible to be even more condescendingly insensitive than O’Brien prancing around Havana like a facially dysmorphic Tom Wolfe doing free advertising for Castro, Inc.’s tourism racket, but he knows damn well he would never have pulled this shit in Pinochet’s Chile or apartheid-era South Africa. I refuse to be angry at him, not only because he’s a glorified nothing, but because people like him deserve no more than contempt. It’s truly astonishing how little it takes to become a rich celebrity in our current society.

  3. This Conan crap reminds me of an old Cyndi Lauper video. I expect O’brien is too caught up in his own “cuteness” to look beyond it, but as far as I’m concerned, he might as well be doing a song-and-dance routine in a concentration camp, blithely oblivious to the obscenity of his shallowness and lack of respect. In a way, it’s even worse that Diana Nyad’s repeated publicity stunts in the Florida Straits, since that would not encourage foreign tourists to enrich the coffers of Castro, Inc.

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