Castro regime steps up persecution of evangelical Christians

This church is a problem
Unacceptable evangelical church: a big problem for the Castro regime

In his December 17 speech, dictator Raul Castro affirmed — in response to the “normalization” initiative announced by the current occupant of the White House — that he and his oligarchs were ready to “solve our differences” with the United States “without renouncing any of our principles.”

Should anyone ask what “principles” King Raul had in mind, all they need is to read the article below.

It’s just a glimpse of one of Raul ‘s many non-negotiable “principles.”  Covering all of those “principles” would entail writing a very long book or two, maybe three or four.

But this brief glimpse exposes the hard truth being ignored by the current occupant of the White House and all those louts who think Cuba makes a swell tourist destination.

The only religion tolerated by the Castro regime is that of subservience to the totalitarian state.

Santeria is acceptable because it’s all about immediate problem-solving and it doesn’t question the political status quo.

The Catholic Church is subservient, so it escapes persecution.  But Catholics who do not bow down to the Castro regime are persecuted, even as they try to attend Mass.  Ask any Lady in White.

Acceptable church: no problem
Acceptable compliant church: no problem for the Castro regime

Right now, the religion viewed as most dangerous by the Castro authorities is that of Protestant evangelical Christians.  And the Castro Inquisition is punishing them for their heresy.

Eat this, Conan O’Brian.  Eat this, Paris Hilton.  Pretend it’s a consecrated host or the bread from the Lord’s Supper.  Chew on it and gag.

Those non-compliant persecuted good Christians will forgive you.

Pastor's son, Gabriel Leyva,, age 19: Quite a problem
Pastor’s son, Gabriel Leyva,, age 19: Quite a problem for the Castro regime


Christians Still Targets as Cuba Talks with Obama
Pastors, wives, children remain subject to random, arbitrary arrest

President Obama’s announcement that the United States would begin normalizing relations with Cuba’s communist regime has been criticized as a gift to an authoritarian government that hasn’t changed its ways.

Then, after the announcement in December, Obama doubled down, telling a Reuters interviewer he hopes to open an embassy in the repressive nation where persecution of Christians still is being documented.

The documentation comes from Voice of the Martyrs, an organization that works with persecuted Christians around the globe.

“Although recent reports seem to indicate many improvements for those living in Cuba, its government still severely restricts the freedom of its people, including Christian worship,” the group reported.

One recent display of repression, the organization said, was the detainment of the son of a pastor.

“Accused of writing a song against the government, Gabriel Leyva, 19, is now being held in a military prison with little recourse. He was arrested with only four months to go in his mandatory military service,” VOM reported.

VOM sources said the allegations against Veyva are baseless, contending his arrest “is directly related to his family’s evangelical Christian activities and effective ministry efforts.

“The Cuban government discourages any sort of dissent and views evangelical Christians with scorn, especially those from unregistered churches,” VOM reported. “Pastors and their families are especially vulnerable, and many have faced beatings, had their property seized, destroyed or both, and even faced imprisonment as a result.”

VOM said short-term arrests are skyrocketing.

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Insensitive Harvard alumnus: no problem at all
Clueless, insensitive, bigoted Harvard College alumnus: no problem at all, except for his ridiculous comemierda costume
Devious Harvard Law School alumnus: no problem
Devious Harvard Law School alumnus: no problem whatsoever, au contraire, mon ami, this man is THE solution to all the problems of the Castro regime

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  1. The Catholic Church isn’t just subservient to Castro, Inc. It’s gone beyond that–ask the current “Latino” pope, who actively facilitated Obama’s “normalization” deal with Cuba’s totalitarian atheist dictatorship. The mere fact he hails from the same country as “Che” should have kept him from doing so, out of the most elemental tact, if nothing else. Obviously, it did not, which begs the question: what does he think of Saint Ernesto of the T-shirts?

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