“Carlos Eire has it ALL WRONG on the U.S.-Cuba-Venezuela menage-a-trois !” (says Washington Post’s Nick Miroff)

(Little detail about The Washington Post’s Latin American correspondent (top left) that the Washington Post does not readily reveal: His wife is a Castroite academic apparatchik and daughter of (Manuel “Barbarroja” Piniero) the late founder–with the KGB–of Castro’s Military-Intelligence G-2, responsible for the torture and murder of thousands upon thousands of Cubans….just thought our many, many friends outside the Cuban-American informational ghetto should know...) (The pics above show the WaPo reporter’s would-be father-in-law with his chum and mentor Che Guevara.)

Washington Post correspondent Nick Miroff (known within the Cuban-American informational ghetto as the husband of Castroite academic apparatchik Camila Piñeiro Harnecker) writes today that President Obama’s shrewd policy of rewarding Castro but punishing Maduro has the Castro regime in quite a pickle! It’s all part of a diabolically clever trap, you see! (I swear I am not making this up.)

Here’s what Washington Post correspondent Nick Miroff ( known within the Cuban-American informational ghetto as the would-be son-in-law of the founder of Castro’s KGB-mentored and murderous G-2) has to say:

“An argument between the U.S. and Venezuela is putting Cuba (emphasis by intransigent Babalusian) in a very awkward position”:Venezuela remains Cuba’s top trading partner, and as Caracas replaces Havana as the principal U.S. adversary in the region, the Castro government is caught in the middle. Havana can’t afford to hitch its fortunes to the cash-squeezed Venezuelan government and its wobbly president, who lacks the political acumen of Chávez.

In the coming weeks and at the Panama summit, Cuba is likely to continue voicing support for Venezuela while quietly working out its new relationship with the United States. It’ll be a delicate balancing act,

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2 thoughts on ““Carlos Eire has it ALL WRONG on the U.S.-Cuba-Venezuela <em>menage-a-trois</em> !” (says Washington Post’s Nick Miroff)”

  1. Humboydah, you omitted Nicky’s mother-in-law, the Communist Jewish Chilean Marta Harnecker, who fled to Cuba when Salvador Allende committed suicide.

  2. Right. Because Miroff knows Cuba at least as well as the NYT’s Londoño, and he’s not even remotely biased by being married to someone whose DNA and background are comparable to Mariela Castro’s. I mean, he works for WaPo, so surely he must be legit. True, “those people” wouldn’t trust him even as far as they could throw him, but you know how they are. And if you think the MSM is ever going to stop resorting to this kind of Cuba “expert,” you’re dreaming. If the likes of Miroff didn’t exist, they’d simply be invented. Fashion must be served, and perversity will out.

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