Gimme credit! Top Cuban “diplomat” Vidal reveals the Castro regime’s fondest wish

Say goodbye to your cash, suckers -- and your dignity too....
Say goodbye to your cash, suckers — and your dignity too….comemierdas

ABC News (U.S.)  has interviewed ex-spy Josefina Vidal, the “diplomat” in charge of the Castro regime’s “normalization” negotiating team.

True to form, the former espionage specialist put quite a spin on the “normalization” talks, lying about how much the U.S. and Castrogonia have in common,  emphasizing the fact that the U.S. must “respect” the Castro dynasty’s preference for doing things its own way, and that the dynasty’s love of repression and exploitation of labor are morally equivalent to the political and economic freedoms prized in the United States.

Nothing new here, save for the hyper-chutzpah with which Vidal drones on and on about the values shared by the U.S. and Castrogonia — fine-spun horse manure she laughs at when not on camera — and about her regime’s total abstinence from terrorism.

Vidal and ABC News did reveal one very important detail about the negotiations, however, and this detail may be the most significant of all in the current “normalization” talks.

Vidal let it be known — in very simple terms– that the Castro regime wants to be removed from the State Sponsor of Terrorism list because it must pay cash for all American goods as long as it remains on that State Department list.

But, of course, Josefina didn’t emphasize trade issues, which might imply some sort of greediness on the part of Castro, Inc..  What she focused on was the sad, sad fact that Castronoid diplomats in Washington D.C. are seriously hampered by their inability to use credit cards and ATM machines.

Yes, this spinmeister made the whole “normalization” process hinge on granting credit and debit cards to Castronoid diplomats in the U.S.

And CNN very gladly emphasized this fact, hoping it might prompt many American viewers and readers to urge their elected officials in Washington to take Castrogonia off the Nasty Boy list.

So, there we have it: No credit, no deal.  This is what Castrogonia wants most desperately, especially now that its colony of Caracastan is imploding.

Yeah.  And guess how the current occupant of the White House will respond to this demand by Castro, Inc.?

No need to guess.  He will do his utmost to see Castrogonia removed from that list, no matter how much evidence of its involvement in terrorism and arms smuggling comes to light.

Yeah, that’s the ticket…yeah….

Read it and laugh.  Or read it and weep.  Whatever.  Vidal’s performance is a comical tour de force, one must admit, somewhat reminiscent of Jon Lovitz’s Pathological Liar skits on Saturday Night Live two decades ago.

Tommy Flanigan, president of Pathological Liars Anonymous

If you prefer the Full Monty, you can see Vidal’s stellar performance and read a partial transcript HERE.

From Granma Super Bold, a.k.a. ABC News:

Josefina Vidal Interview (excerpt):

One of the biggest issues for the Cuban government in moving forward is their listing as a State Sponsor of Terrorism by the State Department, which impacts their inability to bank at their current Interest Section in Washington, D.C.

While listed as a state sponsor of terror, they are unable to use any credit and must operate fully in cash.

“More and more banks have been fined because having operations, banking operations with Cuba,” she said. “As a result of this phenomenon problem, its more and more difficult to find a bank that wants to have a relationship with Cuba, and this has affected our office in Washington, that has been lacking financial resources for a year now … They don’t have credit cards, they don’t have debit cards, they have to operate in cash, which is something almost impossible to do in the United States.

“What we were told yesterday is that they have been working really hard, talking to different banks, not only American banks, but also foreign banks, to try to see if there can be a solution in the following, in the next few weeks,” she said. “We hope there is a solution, because we tell them that this situation is difficult to maintain, and it would be almost impossible to open a regular, normal embassy in Washington, Cuban embassy, without a bank.”

Vidal said at a press conference Friday that the U.S. taking Cuba off the list of state sponsors of terror is not a precondition for opening an embassy, but that the issue is a priority for the Cuban government.

She told ABC News today that Cuba has never sponsored terrorism or those affiliated with terrorism toward any country.

Oye, Obamita, no te atrevas a imitar a los europeos o a hablarme de jiumarais (derechos humanos), o le parto la cabeza a esa feuca flaca que me mandastes para negociar la normalización de nuestro romance.
Gimme credit, now!  Or I will stop going steady with you, Obamita
It's working, it's working....this normalization is becoming ever more normal, so very normal
No problem.  No problemo, ah-mee-goh, you call the shots, you provide the spin, sweetheart!

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