Grandstanding freshmen senators sticking their nose in Presidential foreign policy (Kerry vs Cotton)


“Secretary of State John Kerry says he’s in “utter disbelief” over the letter to Iranian leaders led by Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and signed by 46 other Republican senators warning any Iranian nuclear deal reached with the U.S. could be revoked by the next president or modified by Congress.

“This risks undermining the confidence that foreign governments in thousands of important agreements commit to with the United States.”

In his 29 years as a Democratic senator from Massachusetts, Kerry said, he “never heard of or even heard of being proposed anything comparable to this.” He said senators have the right to voice dissent but doing so in a letter to foreign leaders was “quite stunning.”

If only the Republican Senators had followed up their letter to the Iranian officials with visit and a handshake! Perhaps then John Kerry would find an “utterly believable” precedent (as in one commemorated by photos) for the Republicans’ actions.

“Back in the mid 80’s Nicaragua was the pinkos’ latest City on a Hill, Daniel Ortega their latest Sir Galahad/Robin Hood. Many of Kerry’s Democratic congressional colleagues were content to flutter their eyelashes at the Communist cutthroat and pedophile from afar. Others, including Democratic majority leader Jim Wright, courted him with a perfumed love letter. Kerry naturally signed it.

“Dear Comandante,” the love letter began, “We want to commend you and the members of your government for taking steps to open up the political process in your country.

In fact Nicaragua was then being Stalinized, with Fidel Castro’s help: wholsesale theft of private property, murder, exile and mass-jailings of anti-Communists opponents. This process had John Kerry in such a rapt and giddy condition that he apparently found The Democratic majority leader’s love note insufficiently adulatory. He yearned for a more intimate approach. So mere weeks after entering office in 1985 he set off for Managua with fellow freshman Tom Harkin of Iowa for a chummy face to face session with the Communist pedophile and Castro-proxy.

The most vital stanza of Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista anthem bashes the U.S. as “El E-NE-MIGO de la HU-MA-NI-DAD!) (the enemy of humanity!) The line was probably lifted from a Che Guevara speech. Naturally the authors of such an anthem stole the heart of many Democrats, including the Majority leader, future Speaker of the House and our future Secretary of State.

The Democratic crusade to throttle the Nicaraguan freedom-fight was now under full steam. One Cuba wasn’t enough for these people. They were The Best and Brightest of a new generation. They’d picked up the torch from Camelot. The honor demanded that they pledge themselves to creating another tropical Gulag and slaughterhouse on our doorstep. If Latin freedom fighters battled desperately in the field against a Soviet-supplied enemy– if these freedom-fighters had their backs against the wall– if any looked northward through sweat-stung eyes and blood-drenched bandages for an ally–if hundreds were dying in freedom’ cause with gritted teeth in a desperate and uneven struggle against a Communist common enemy–then these freedom-fighters MUST be stabbed in back! The legacy of Camelot DEMANDED it!

Towards that noble goal John Kerry committed himself body and soul.”

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  1. I must say – I usually think Humberto goes to far but this time he crushes it. Nice one…really good.

  2. I must say – I usually think Humberto goes too far but this time he crushes it. Nice one…really good.

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