Oh!…And by the way: Ted Turner owns TBS ( which airs Conan O’Brien’s show)


ted_turner_pointingFidel laughing8“Fidel Castro is a helluva guy! You people would love him!” Ted Turner to a capacity crowd at Harvard Law school audience in 1997. ( A few weeks later CNN had the first Havana Bureau of any foreign network)


2 thoughts on “Oh!…And by the way: Ted Turner owns TBS ( which airs Conan O’Brien’s show)”

  1. Hum-Boy-Dah, You omitted that during Ted Turner’s romance with Fidel Castro, he was married to traitor “Hanoi Jane” Fonda. Turner also gave Castro a TV converter box so that he could watch TBS and CNN for free.

  2. What a coincidence. No wonder O’Brien was SO enthusiastic about his Cuba gig. Not saying he was purely following orders, but I’m sure he was VERY encouraged to do his bit to promote Cuba tourism and, by extension, Castro, Inc. Needless to say, it’s capitalists like Turner that Lenin was counting on. Talk about hypocrisy on steroids, not to mention a truly contemptible need to look “cool” or “with-it.” This is what I call a disgusting cracker, and I’m sorry, but O’Brien’s face is abnormal (which raises questions about the rest of him).

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