Babalu outs yet another Cuba “Expert” (The Brookings Institution’s Richard Feinberg this time)


From Andres Oppenheimer in the Miami Herald this week:

Richard Feinberg, a former Clinton administration official who organized the first Summit of the Americas in 1994 and has been following these meetings ever since..“The summit’s centerpiece will be the embrace of Obama and Castro,” said Feinberg, who has been championing the cause of a U.S. lifting of sanctions on Cuba in recent years.

From the Tampa Tribune:

“The two most authoritative reports on entrepreneurship in Cuba, authored by experts Philip Peters and Richard Feinberg, respectively, provide great insights and compelling case studies.”

In brief, the Brooking Institute’s Senior Fellow Richard Feinberg is a long time media darling on Cuban and Latin American matters–in fact he was reportedly involved in the secret negotiations between the Obama team and the Castro regime that led to the “diplomatic breakthrough” on Dec. 17th.

Now some background on Richard Feinberg:

Orlando Leterier was the Chilean exile and former Allende official blown up with a car-bomb in Washington D.C. in Sept. 1976. Cuban-Americans Jose Dionisio Suarez, Virgilio Paz, Guillermo Novo Sampol, Ignacio Novo Sampol, and Alvin Ross Diaz were among those later found guilty of carrying out the bombing. All the convictions were later overturned on appeals except for Dionisio Suarez’ who served 12 years in prison.

To hear the mainstream media Orlando Leterier was a harmless policy wonk/scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, a “human rights activist,” a Chilean “expert”..blah…blah…Who was wantonly murdered by wild-eyed, bomb-throwing, Cuba-American fascist, Batistiano, hard-liners out of pure malice and sadism…blah…blah…

In fact, Leterier was partly funded by Castro’s DGI (Directorio General Inteligencia) and the East German STASI. While investigating the bombing, the FBI found Leterier’s briefcase crammed with fascinating documents revealing Leterier’s Cuban (and East German) connections. For starters, Leterier’s DGI “case officer” was the notorious Julian Torres Rizo, about whom our friend Chris Simmons has written much. (Julian Rizo also happens to be married to CNN and MSNBC Cuba correspondent Gail Reed.)

(Fidel Castro and Orlando Leterier in 1970)

Another name found in Orlando Leterier’s briefcasee was one Richard Feinberg, then with the U.S. Dept of Treasury. Apparently Leterier and Feinberg were to (secretly) co-author a report for the (notoriously Castroite) North American Congress in Latin America. From an old report by our friends at Accuracy in Media:

“Apart from his colleagues at the Institute for Policy Studies, names that crop up in the (Orlando Leterier) briefcase papers in a context that suggests a working relationship include: Mark Schneider, then an aide to Senator Edward Kennedy who now works in the Human Rights office at the State Department; Richard Feinberg, then an employee of the Treasury Department and now on the Policy Planning Staff at the State Department.”

And old Robert Novak column also mentions the connection.

“In prospect is the quiet transfer of economist Richard Feinberg from the Treasury to the State Department..papers found in the breifcase of Orlando leterier, the murdered Chilean Socialist leader, list Feinberg as the prospective secret co-author of a report by NACLA (though in fact Feinberg decided to go against going through with it because of conflict with his Treasury job.”)

Just thought you should know, amigos.

“Oye pero la verdad que cada dia este Babalu Blog nos esta cayendo mas y mas PESA’O!”


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