“Venezuela allies line up with Maduro on faceoff with US” (i.e. free stuff works!)


Just in from The Herald:

Venezuela allies line up with Maduro on faceoff with US
Leftist allies of Venezuela rallied behind embattled President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday in his faceoff with the U.S. government, which he has accused of trying to oust his socialist administration.

In an emergency meeting of the ALBA bloc of regional governments, representatives from 12 nations decried what they called attempts by Washington to undermine Maduro with its recent decision to sanction Venezuelan officials accused of violating human rights during anti-government protesters last year.

By far the strongest defense came from Cuban President Raul Castro, whose government is negotiating for the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with the U.S. after more than a half century of Cold War frictions.

“The U.S. needs to understand once and for all that it can’t seduce or buy Cuba, just as it can’t intimidate Venezuela,” Castro said. “Our unity is indestructible.”

Academic “experts” and pundits will now twist themselves into fifty pretzels blabbing and scribbling reams of their characteristic mumbo-jumbo on the reasons for the above…blah….blah…as they do for Obama’s consistent electoral success…blah…blah…as they do for the irreversible “Hispanic” affinity for the Democratic party…blah…blah….

Normal people, on the other hand, see it for what it is:

free stuff

A tart little post making the round of social media lately does much to explain the mood of many of us lately:

free stuff34

“Y pal carajo!”

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