Say it ain’t so: New Scarface film will feature a Mexican hoodlum


Ay, Mami, why can’t they leave classic films alone?

And why can’t Hollywood stop messing with our Lateeeeeeen-oh heritage?

Sadly, when a new version of  Scarface hits movie screens and the DVD bargain bin at Wal-Mart, viewers will no longer be able to link Cubans to monstrous criminal behavior and lurid violence.

This time around, the main character will be a Mexican instead of a Cuban Marielito.


Boo hoo!  Control your tears.  It’s sad news for Cubans.  No more Tony Montana.  What will this do to the self-image of Cubans?

But maybe the scriptwriters will be able to work in an allusion to Tony with a new line for the Mexican main character: “say hasta la vista to my little friend” in place of “say hello to my little friend.”

Will this Mexican Scarface have a green card?  Or will his lack of proper immigration papers be the cause of his criminality?

Wait and see.  Maybe the new Scarface will be able to update the classic lines from The Treasure of Sierra Madre:  “Green cards? We ain’t got no green cards. We don’t need no green cards. I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ green cards!” — with a few choice F-bombs and other profanity thrown in.

But they’d better not have the new Scarface wear one of those extra large Mexican hats.  That might cross the line when it comes to racist stereotyping.


And will they dare to hire a non-Mexican actor to play the new Scarface?  (Al Pacino was not Cuban, but things were different back in ’83).

Wait and see.  The press release says they’re changing the “race” of the character– whatever that means.  Maybe Keanu Reeves will do.  He looks kind of Lateen-oh.

Our advice to the producers: go whole hog and make the new Scarface character an omnisexual transgendered Afro-Chinese Mexican with  animal love interests.  And then get Kim Kardashian to play the role.  She looks and acts kind of Lateeeeeen-ah.


From MStars News:

The New Scarface Remake Has a Writer and Director

A new Scarface remake is on the way, and if you’re keeping score at home this is the third movie of the same name since the thirties. The first one, starring Paul Muni, debuted in April 1932 while the more iconic version of the film starring Al Pacino was released in December 1983.

Right now there is no release date set in stone for the second remake but the script is good to go. Straight Outta Compton writer Jonathon Herman rewrote the original version of the script written by the team of Paul Attanasio and David Ayer. (Attansio wrote and produced Donnie Brasco and Ayer has writing credits for the original Fast and the Furious, Training Day, Fury and the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.)

Attansio, Herman and Ayer slightly revamped the Scarface story. The Tony Montana character will be a Mexican immigrant and instead of the movie taking place in Miami, he’ll be rising to power in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles. It’s in the vein of the last Scarface remake but the race and location have been changed.

Pablo Larrain is inked in as the film’s director…Scarface’s director was supposed to be Harry Potter filmmaker David Yates but his obligations to a Tarzan movie kept him from signing on.

Whole sordid deal HERE.

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  1. If they want to portray a more polished Mexican Scarface they should make the film in Houston and have him owning a really nice home or two or three in The Woodlands.

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