More stuff that John Stossel cut from his special on Cuba….

As often mentioned hereabouts, my gig on John Stossel’s show last month was drastically edited by Stossel’s producers to tone-down my total “owning” of the show and the host’s grotesque embarrassment. Here’s yet another of the items that was completely cut out:

“Here’s what you guys don’t seem to understand: the Castro brothers are no fools. The free-market’s “invisible hand” isn’t going to come up behind them and blindside them. They know perfectly well what it looks like–and how it works.

These guys inherited a vibrant free-market economy in 1959, something unique among Communist rulers. All the others, from Lenin to Mao to Uncle Ho to Ulbricht to Tito to Kim Il Sung, took over primitive and/or chaotic, war-ravaged economies.

Less megalomaniacal rulers than the Castros would have considered it a golden goose landing in their lap. But the Castros wrung its neck. They deliberately and methodically wrecked Latin America’s premier economy. There was no “mismanagement” or “bungling” involved.
A genuine Cuban capitalist is a person we won’t be able to control, reasoned the Castros–as they do to this day.

Cuba’s people are poor not because of “mismanagement” by the rulers. Indeed, considering these rulers’ goal of total power, the Cuban economy is expertly managed, as was Russia’s in the ’30s.

These guys are not Deng or Gorbachev, or even Tito or Alexander Dubcek or Janos Kadar. This is a different animal–a much more megalomaniacal animal, as amply proven by recent history for those of us who follow it.

There was a definite method to the Castros madness. They could have easily left most of Cuba’s economy in place, made it obedient to their whims, and been Peron, Franco, or Mussolini.

They could have grabbed half and been Titos. They could have demanded a piece of the action from all involved and been a Marcos, a Somoza, a Mobutu, a Suharto. But this wasn’t enough for them them.

As mentioned, not just the evidence –but the proof and the verdict–are long in, twenty years of trade, tourism and foreign investment. The results for the Cuban people make complete hash of your prescription for Cuba.”

Video of the (edited) show can be seen here.

3 thoughts on “More stuff that John Stossel cut from his special on Cuba….”

  1. Precisely, Humberto. The goal was absolute power in perpetuity. Nothing to do with “the people,” who were merely objects to be used. But of course you got edited big time–you scared them. Too much data, too far off the approved script.

  2. And it wasn’t just megalomania; it was malice, resentment and over-compensation for being nasty white trash which had the money but could never buy the class.

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