Shocking! Taco Bell portrays communism as evil !!!


Wow.  You’ve got to see this.

A Taco Bell commercial that depicts communism as evil!

Maybe there’s hope for the world, after all?

Naaaaah.  Fuhgeddaboudit. It’s just a clever gimmick.

Taco Bell might be one of the first American chains to open restaurants in Castrogonia, knowing that Cubans are so desperate for a change in diet that they’ll eat anything, including Lab Rat Chimichangas and Iguana Chalupas.

The setting for the commercial is Eastern Europe, not Castrogonia.


Eastern European communism was bad. Everybody knows that.  White people should never be enslaved.

Lateeen-oh communism is good.  More than that: it’s wonderful.  Hot-headed lazy Lateeeen-ohs need to be enslaved by visionary strong men, for their own good.

Escape from evil Eastern European communism requires jumping over tall walls, or crawling through holes and tunnels.  Exciting!

Escaping across a shark-infested sea: boring.  Boh-Ring! Only crazy aging swimmers find that exciting.

Yet, for all of its clever superficiality, this commercial does really capture the reality of communism, and the thrill of escaping from it.

A propaganda refrain heard throughout the commercial sums up the political philosophy of  the Castro regime succinctly: “The same is good; change is bad.”

As Raul Castro said on December 17, while announcing his new romance with the current occupant of the White House: ” we shall not abandon any of our principles.”


From the indomitable king of tabloids, The Daily Mail (U.K.)

Defect from McMuffin-stan: New Taco Bell advert blasts McDonald’s as a communist dictatorship where boring breakfasts rule

Taco Bell has launched a new advert for their breakfast menu where they appear to compare competitors McDonalds to a communist dictatorship.

The fast food restaurant launched its new ‘biscuit taco’ this week in a bid to build on its breakfast business, which started one year ago.

But in their new ad campaign, they once again go after dominant morning player McDonalds by depicting a brainwashed society, where miserable people eat the same Egg McMuffin-type sandwich.

The two and a half minute TV ad shows a man waking up and being told repeatedly that ‘Happiness is the same breakfast’.

It then shows him lining up with other people and as they get to the front of the line, they are handed a muffin-type sandwich.

Continue reading and watch this stunning commercial HERE.

Not too thrilling or exciting
Lateeeen-ohs escaping by sea: boring!
Escaping through a wall: exciting and thrilling!
Europeans escaping through a wall: exciting and thrilling!



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