Surprise! Elian Gonzalez “elected” to top post in Castro Inquisition


Wait a minute–you say– the Inquisition was abolished in the 19th century!

Not so.  Not so.  Not the Castro Inquisition.

That Inquisition is alive and well, and it has many outposts throughout the Castro dynasty’s island.  And  that Inquisition calls itself Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR).

Don’t let the name change throw you off.  It’s just window dressing.

These so-called committees are outposts for spying on everyone, and for denouncing those who stray from orthodoxy.

In this updated version of the good old Inquisition a new star is on the rise. His name might seem vaguely familiar to you: Elian Gonzalez.

Yes, that boy.


He has risen to the top post of the CDR Youth.

In a country best known for its free and fair elections, this human trophy snatched by Fidel Castro has been voted into office by current members of the CDR.

His job will be to lead young Cubans in the patriotic task of spying on their neighbors, chanting slogans, staging “acts of repudiation” against heretics, and harassing anyone who dishonors or perverts the “ideals” of the so-called Revolution.

Oh, my!  Such a surprise!

Who could have ever predicted this turn of events when the Clinton administration kidnapped him at gunpoint and sent him back to Fidel?

Whole story HERE in the Castellano dialect (from Cafe Fuerte).

And for another story on Elian’s role in the “normalization” circus, go HERE (in English, from Breitbart)

Elian and "Cuban Five" spy Antonio Guerrero
Elian and “Cuban Five” spy Antonio Guerrero








6 thoughts on “Surprise! Elian Gonzalez “elected” to top post in Castro Inquisition”

  1. The regime’s obsession with this kid is starting to come off as gay. I must say, all of it is beyond pathetic. By the way, thanks USA, again…

  2. Such a good little brainwashed robot, precisely as predicted (quite in vain) by “those people.” His (biological) father must be so proud, not to mention his grandmothers and assorted family members, all “elevated” and materially enriched by the connection. Well, what does one mind/soul more or less really matter, after all? Besides, if the Rev. Joan Brown Campbell and the Methodist Church, among other worthies, are OK with this outcome, who are we to object? And he gets to hobnob with the “Five Heroes,” too! Such distinction. Maybe he’ll even be appointed Castronoid consul to Miami before long. I can see it now: Janet Reno welcoming him with pastelitos, Carl Hiaasen writing a Miami Herald column to celebrate the event, and Diana Nyad (maybe even Bill Clinton) dropping by for a photo-op–all of them positively gloating, I mean glowing with satisfaction. It’s good to be the odd minority out, isn’t it?

    Looks like he’s wearing a wedding ring, in which case I’m sure the bride was properly vetted and is duly “revolutionary.” Ugh.

  3. It may be that practically anyone subjected to the intense, sustained, professional indoctrination Elian has been under since returning to Cuba as a little boy would have turned out similarly. However, judging from what his family in general appears to be, we’re definitely not talking prime DNA, but what my mother would have called “gente poca cosa” (and she had a great eye for that, which I’ve at least partially inherited). In other words, given the nature or quality of the raw material in question, there’s no way it could have withstood such an onslaught of very serious perversity–meaning the poor kid never had a chance once he was delivered into the monster’s lair. All who had a significant hand in that delivery and have never shown any remorse or regret over what became of him are beneath contempt, because even those who may truly have failed to “get it” at the time must surely see now that “those people” where right on target as to what would happen–and if they don’t care now, that means they never really cared in the first place (except, of course, about matters other than what was best for the child).

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