Human rights in Cuba during Obama administration: From bad to worse

By John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Human Rights in Cuba during the Obama Administration: From Bad to Worse

Providing context
Some of the Cuban rights defenders since 2009 who have died suspiciously

The Obama administration and a substantial portion of the U.S. establishment have resurrected the discredited and discarded policy of détente pioneered by the Nixon administration, continued through the Ford and Carter administrations before being rejected by Ronald Reagan in 1981. Today as members of the State Department met with representatives of the Castro regime to discuss the basis of a human rights dialogue the office of the spokesperson at the State Department released the following statement:

United States and Cuban diplomatic delegations met today at the State Department to discuss the methodology, topics, and structure of a future human rights dialogue. The atmosphere of the meeting was professional, and there was broad agreement on the way forward for a future substantive dialogue, the timing and location of which will be determined through diplomatic channels. Each side raised concerns about human rights issues, and both sides expressed willingness to discuss a wide range of topics in future substantive talks.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration along with some members of congress have sought to down play the Castro regime’s human rights record in order to pursue the new policy of engagement with the dictatorship. For example, President Obama on December 26, 2014, days after commuting the sentence of Gerardo Hernandez, the Cuban spy serving life for conspiracy to murder four members of Brothers to the Rescue on February 24, 1996 in an act of state terrorism, described this crime as a “tragic circumstance.” The unrepentant spy and terrorist was greeted as a national hero by Raul Castro and announced that he was “ready for his next order.”

The so-called “substantive dialogue” will most likely regurgitate the sophist arguments of the Castro regime seeking to re-define human rights along a false ideological divide in order to justify its systematic and gross violation of human rights.

Poll released yesterday reveals that when informed of the human rights abuses of the Castro dictatorship, a majority of Americans are against President Obama’s new Cuba policy. This would explain the president’s effort to downplay the regime’s human rights record. At the same time prominent Cuban Americans have opposed the new policy and young Cubans and Americans have also sent a clear message to the Obama Administration proclaiming: Not in Our Name.

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