Fidel Castro emerges from the grave to greet some of his fawning Venezuelan slaves


Count Floyd says: "Ah-woooooo-ah... so scary, huh, and I bet you thought you were safe just because it's Easter...Ah-woooooo!:
Count Floyd says: “Ah-woooooo-ah… so scary, huh, and I bet you thought you were safe, just because it’s Easter…Ah-woooooo!: This is really scary stuff!

Is this Easter or Halloween?

Bloodthirsty dictator and self-anointed monarch Fidel “Nosferatu” Castro has ventured out in public for the first time in 15 months.

The demonic 88-year-old mass murderer visited a school in Havana, where he greeted a delegation of visitors from his colony of Venezuela.

The Vilma Espín Guillois School –named after the deceased wife of current dictator Raul Castro — is located near King Fidel’s palace.

The visiting Venezuelan delegation is in Havana to attend an indoctrination seminar entitled: “Segundo Vuelo de la Solidaridad Bolívar-Martí”  (Second  Bolívar-Martí Solidarity Flight).

Seminar members engage in “social and political” activities.

King Fidel, who seemed in no rush,  is said to have shaken hands with each and every Venezuelan.

His propaganda rag Granma published  some photos of the event, which seems to have been staged precisely for the purpose of generating an article with images.

Watch out: If I don't like you, you'll get the firing squad!
Watch out: If I don’t like you, you’ll get the firing squad!

All but one of the Venezuelan subjects photographed with King Fidel seemed quite thrilled to meet their frail King emeritus, and that lone unsmiling holdout can be seen getting a stern finger-wagging scolding from the retired monarch. (Image above)

These visiting Venezuelan sycophants were reportedly “impressed by the lucidity of their visitor, who displayed a thorough knowledge of  the realities of Venezuela.”

King Fidel also spent some time bad-mouthing the American Yanqui imperialists and reminding the Venezuelans that they really need to collect more millions of signatures to let the current occupant of the White House know that Venezuela’s “sovereignty” (its status as a Cuban colony) needs to be respected.



1 thought on “Fidel Castro emerges from the grave to greet some of his fawning Venezuelan slaves”

  1. This is all like an excruciatingly pathetic joke by now, only the joke’s on every Cuban in existence, even those who don’t realize it or don’t care. The sad fact is that a country, or rather a people, that sinks this low is not respectable. Perhaps we are not quite as pitiful as Venezuelans, but once a certain line is crossed, degrees of disgrace become relatively academic.

    A thriving, vibrant, exceptionally promising country (certainly by “Latin” standards) was trashed, ruined and grotesquely distorted, and for what? Well, you’re looking at it, or what’s left of him, but in essence he was ALWAYS the same thing, even in his salad days: a piece of fraudulent, vulgar, overacting, puffed-up and over-compensating SHIT, a classic case of Latrine political kitsch. The only decent response for a Cuban to this interminable freak show is to be deeply ashamed, and to regard the whole “process” with a mixture of revulsion and phobia bordering on a kind of obsessive-compulsive phenomenon. In other words, ZERO tolerance.

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