‘Hope and Change’ in Obama’s Cuba: Over a dozen dissidents violently beaten and arrested on Good Friday

Damarys Moya Portieles

According to reports coming from independent journalists on the island, over a dozen peaceful dissidents and human rights activists were brutally beaten and arrested yesterday on the island during this holy day for Christians. Busloads of thugs called “Rapid Response Brigades” were sent to attack the dissidents who had gathered publicly in the city of Santa Clara. The home of one female dissident, Damarys Moya Portieles, was surrounded by State Security agents while other dissidents were brutally beaten before they were all arrested by Castro State Security.

As far as Cuba’s apartheid Castro dictatorship is concerned, Good Friday is just as good as any other day for violent repression. And now that they have the official “Obama ‘Hope and Change’ Seal of Approval,” who is going to tell the racist and violently repressive Castro regime anything different?