Miami Herald succinctly explains the death of Oswaldo Paya


“(Rosa Maria) Payá, whose father died in 2012 in what Cuban officials portrayed as a single-car crash,”

That’s it. That’s how the Miami Herald “backgrounds” the death of Osvaldo Paya in their article on his daughter Rosa Maria Paya’s detention in Panama.

Might there exist–if one really, really digs–another “portrayal” of her father’s death, Miami Herald?

Might some sources be able to “flesh-out” this issue a bit for you folks?

Might the Miami Herald have the easiest access to these sources of all newspapers in the U.S. (and probably on earth?)

Might this “fleshing out” have the most eager readership in the Miami Herald’s market than in any place on earth?

And given their record over the past 56 years, might the credibility of “Cuban officials” be conceivably called into question?

Might their version of the death of one of their enemies conceivably merit some skepticism?


2 thoughts on “Miami Herald succinctly explains the death of Oswaldo Paya”

  1. Hum-boy-Dah,
    Did you really expect anything different from the Miami Herald, which has been excoriating Cuban exiles since 1963?
    Here are some background articles about this feud
    Let’s not forget their Cuba “expert” reporter Oscar Corral, a married man with two young daughters, who was forced to resign in disgrace after being arrested for haggling with a teenage balsera prostitute over the $50 price for oral sex. His journalism career was permanently destroyed.

  2. The Miami Herald outfit, like all the usual suspects, is what it is. That’s a very old story and it won’t change. The reasonable response is rejection and dismissal, especially for something so eminently dispensable. As the saying goes, “al bagazo, poco caso,” or, to be more crude, “la mierda se tira a mierda.”

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