Obama to the rescue: How did Raul Castro get so lucky?


A few months ago, dictator Raul Castro was wondering about the survival of the regime.  In other words, he saw Venezuela imploding and no one in the West willing to lend him any money.   (Cuba has to constantly reschedule its debts as Mexico, Canada and just about everybody else has learned)

Guess who comes in to offer a lifeline?  The answer is President Obama, the same one who is negotiating with Iran.

So how is it going it with the Cuba talks?   Well, Castro is demanding and demanding, as The Wall Street Journal reminded us today:

“Fidel’s little brother now says he won’t move on normalization until Mr. Obama hands over Guantanamo and takes Cuba off the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Mr. Obama is waiting for a review of a State Department analysis on the terror list, but he’s sounding increasingly impatient.

We look forward to hearing how Mr. Obama handles Cuba’s harboring of Basque and Colombian terrorists, plus the odd U.S. fugitive.

Since Mr. Obama agreed to a prisoner swap and a path to normal relations in December, arbitrary political detentions in Cuba have increased.

The Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies at the University of Miami documented 178 political detentions in January, 492 in February and 610 in March.

Cuban repression is also a road show these days, with Raúl’s enforcers this week assaulting Cubans and Cuban-Americans in Panama who had traveled to the summit for a civil society forum.

The State Department condemned the violence, though it managed to avoid mentioning Cuba in its statement. You wouldn’t want a diplomatic incident.

Cuba’s South American bestie, Venezuela, will also make a splash at the summit by denouncing America’s minor sanctions. PresidentNicolás Maduro’s political prisoners back home include the mayor of Caracas, the former mayor of San Cristóbal, and former presidential candidate Leopoldo López.”

So Raul is on top of the world and Obama is being humiliated once more.    Have we not seen this movie before?

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