All in for Marco Rubio


It’s a great day in South Florida. This evening, Marco Rubio will announce officially that he is running for president. Here at Babalu Blog we have never been shy about supporting Rubio in his elections and this one will be no different. As former editor I can’t speak officially for Babalu but I know that Alberto and Val are just as fond of Marco as I am. Yes, Marco is Cuban-American but that’s not why we like him. Identity politics is for fools.

Marco is articulate, charismatic, substantive, and conservative. Yes, the fact that he’s one of us makes us warm and fuzzy inside but Marco has proven that he can draw from a pool of voters far deeper than “intransigent right-wing Cuban exiles and their descendants” (of which I’m proud to be).

It’s worth taking a trip back in time to some major milestones of Marco’s as covered here at Babalu Blog.

Orgullo” as Marco was set to become Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives in 2005.

All politics are local… Marco held a town hall meeting in Coconut Grove back in 2007 in which he proposed doing away with Florida’s property tax on primary residences. This was the first time I saw him speak in person. The proposal passed the House but not the Senate. But in the process Marco demonstrated instincts for detecting what the real problems facing voters are and proposing innovative solutions.

Must See video In May of 2008 Marco Rubio was the warm-up speaker at Cuban American National Foundation luncheon where Democratic candidate for President, Senator Barack Obama, was the headliner. Watch Marco completely upstage Obama in the best 4 minutes and 45 seconds of video you will watch today. This speech galvanized our support Rubio when it comes to the issue of Cuba.

Why the editors of Babalu Blog endorse Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate In May of 2009 we formally endorsed Marco in his Senate run against Charlie Crist. This was at a time when Rubio was nowhere in the polls. We knew Marco had the goods.

A prediction Val calls it early. In January of 2010 to be exact. Marco eventually ran Crist out of the party.

Senator Elect Marco Rubio Val can’t contain himself and tells us the story of Edward Carrington and his famous words “LET ME BE BURIED ON THIS SPOT!”

Rubio for President in 2012 This was March of 2011. Of course I was delusional. But my frustration with the GOP field in 2012 and their inability to properly characterize the destructive nature of the Obama administration had me reaching for straws.

Well, here we are three years later. Stay tuned to Babalu. Much more to come!

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  1. I’m afraid Rubio may be too clever by half. No doubt he’d be far better than Rand Paul, let alone Hillary, but that’s not saying much. Of course he’s talented, but then again, so was Bill Clinton, in his way. I’d like to believe he’s truly learned from his rather BIG mistake, just as I’d like to believe that was due to inexperience and over-eagerness, but I’m too jaded to be that understanding. We shall see, but I definitely have reservations.

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