Shocking! Someone refuses to praise “historic” CastroFest 2015


Needle in a haystack, as the saying goes.

A ginormous haystack of  obnoxious praise for the grotesque CastroFest in Panama has left many of us wondering whether any needle of truth could be found within.

Well… it seems not everyone was hypnotized, lobotomized,  or possessed by the Castro demon.

The metaphorical needle, no matter how small,  is such a joy to find, and such a relief on the steep slippery slope towards despair-induced insanity.

The needle proves that intransigent troglodyte Cuban exiles are not the only ones driven to the edge of madness by the gross obscenity of CastroFest.

summit gallery_4 (2)

Perhaps there is hope after all.


The past week has been a grim reminder of certain truths one would rather ignore, especially one truth voiced in the New Testament (1 Peter 5:8):

“Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”

fig. 23.1 Michael Pacher, Saint Wolfgang and the Devil c 1471

From Investor’s Business Daily

Normalizing Cuba Ties Doesn’t Erase Castro’s Legacy

Leadership: The sight of President Obama glad-handing Cuban dictator Raul Castro showed just how far American diplomacy has sunk. Far from being a Nixon-goes-to-China moment, this was a craven capitulation.

There’s a reason 10 presidents of both parties kept Cuba’s Castros on America’s bad-guys’ list for more than 50 years. Each leader understood a basic truth: Totalitarian Cuba is a sworn enemy of the U.S., a violent threat to the Western Hemisphere’s peace and prosperity and an ally of our worst enemies — including the former USSR.

Hearing an American president now apologize — as Obama did over the weekend at the Summit of the Americas — for past U.S. efforts to protect our homeland and our militarily weak neighbors from Cuba’s aggression is bizarre and disgraceful.

No move to repair ties with the Castro regime should have been made until that country agreed to real, major reforms — including the release of all political prisoners, restoration of basic human rights to Cubans and the dismantling of Cuba’s totalitarian communist state.

Instead, Obama got nothing. And he used cringe-inducing, obsequious language to apologize to Raul Castro and others for past U.S. behavior, speaking of the “dark chapters” in our history and ruefully noting “we have not always observed the principles and ideals upon which the country was founded.”

Relying on a supine media and public ignorance about Cuba, Obama claims Americans favor resuming ties with Cuba. Indeed, a recent poll by InterAmerican Security Watch seems to back normalization 51% to 38%.

But as Mark Thiessen noted in the Washington Post, “when Americans are told that Cuba is hosting Russian ships in its harbors, opposition to normalization jumps to 58% while support sinks to 30%. When Americans are told of Cuba’s attempts to smuggle 240 tons of weaponry to North Korea, opposition jumps to 63% and support drops to 26%.” Similar results come when Americans are told that Cuba still harbors terrorists, including convicted U.S. cop killer Joanne Chesimard.

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