Meanwhile, back in Caracastan: New Obama Doctrine emboldens Maduro

Raul Castro, Nicolas Maduro
The King and his Viceroy

Emboldened by the triumphal circus of CastroFest 2015, Castronoid puppet dictator Nicolas Maduro announced that he is going to punish the few entrepreneurs who have been foolish enough to remain in Venezuela.

According to Viceroy Maduro, his colony’s economic woes are all due to a capitalist right-wing conspiracy orchestrated by Venezuela’s business elite.

Once again, we see the results of the new U.S. approach to Latin America, which might as well go down in history as “The Obama Doctrine.”

Unlike the now defunct “Monroe Doctrine” which sought to secure democracy,independence, and prosperity in the entire Western hemisphere, the new Obama Doctrine seeks to secure the constant humiliation of the United States, the increased presence of hostile foreign powers such as Russia, China, and Iran,  and the development of bankrupt socialist/communist dictatorships.

While this “historic” reversal spells doom for all of those Lateeen-ohs down yonder, it frees the current occupant of the White House from having to worry about the quality of life for those inferior folk in warmer latitudes or about something as ridiculous as the national security of the U.S. or the outmoded ethics and principles of previous generations.

So, hop to it, Maduro, go ahead and radicalize all you want ….. you can do whatever King Raul tells you to do, and no one will stop you.

The King and his unctuous enabler


Maduro threatens to “radicalize” the Bolivarian Revolution in the face of permanent economic “sabotage”

“Enough of these meetings [with the private sector.] We will radicalize the revolution,” said president Nicolas Maduro yesterday.

According to Maduro the government has “called and talked to the private sector, they come here with innocent looks on their faces [caritas de cordero], but then they behave like wolfs and stab the people.”

“I am willing to radicalize the revolution against all those who sabotage the economy. I ask all my ministers, and all the powers of the state, to be though [mano dura]. Whoever is not able to sustain his economic enterprise, then leave. Whoever we find in a conspiracy will go to jail. [They are] in a permanent sabotage,” added the president.

Maduro also promised to jail those behind the web page DolarToday: “We are going to put behind bars all the thieves of DolarToday that are doing economic war from Miami. I swear it. And I know very well that I will fulfill this promise. I know how to do it, legally, through our extradition agreements. The United States is under obligation to hand over these thieves who stole the money of the Venezuelan banks.”

In its press note reporting Maduro’s declarations, the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias provides this definition of the “economic war”:

“The economic war is a phenomenon driven by the Venezuelan right wing, and its allied business owners, since 2013, through speculation with prices and hoarding, and the slowdown of the sale of basic products in order to generate discontent.”

For more memorable Maduro quotes on this subject go to ABC Spain HERE (warning: Castellano dialect)

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