“Normalization” update: Cuban prisoner of conscience on hunger strike in critical condition

Hey, Raul, how about those dissidents.... isn't it funny how they struggle in vain?
Hey, Raul, how about those dissidents…. isn’t it funny how they struggle in vain?  Hilarious! I might split my gut laughing!  Such tomfoolery!  

From Martha Beatriz Roque:

 Yurié Pedroso González,34, a prisoner of conscience, has been transferred from his jail cell to the Provincial Hospital Arnaldo Milián Castro in Santa Clara.
The dissident has been on a hunger strike for forty-four days and is now in critical condition.
His “crime” was to distribute unauthorized posters throughout the town of Esperanza, in Ranchuelo, Villa Clara, on the 14th of December.
After his arrest he was charged with assaulting a man he has never met.
He began his hunger strike because –in his own words — he would rather die than be imprisoned for no good reason.  He is refusing medical assistance and  intravenous fluids.
Inquiries made by other dissidents have turned up no further information on his condition.  State Security agents say they will only respond to the hunger striker’s mother, but she has yet to receive any news of her son.
Go HERE to confirm the source of this report (in Spanish).