Shocking!: King Raul Castro misses most important gala event of the year!


Call him Mr. Hard-To-Get, or Your Maximum Missing Majesty.

Whatever… Raul Castro failed to show up at the party Time magazine threw for its 100 most influential people on earth.

Or…maybe he did show up, but ordered the press not to reveal his presence.

Our Babalu spies snuck into the party disguised as Pope Francis and Jorge Ramos, and they claim to have taken a photo of King Raul at this event.

Judge for yourselves. He was taking a selfie, all by himself.


From The Daily Mail

Are these the most smug 100 people in the world? Time magazine’s ‘most influential’ power players fawn over each other and pose for selfies at gala

It was a celebration for those named Time 100’s most influential people of the year.

And perhaps unsurprisingly, some of the honourees were feeling rather smug about being featured.

As the gala got underway, the guests mingled and fawned over one another, with many of them stopping to take selfies and pat each other – and themselves – on the back.

Martha Stewart cuddled up to Kanye West for a photo as selfie queen Kim Kardashian got behind the camera for a change to document the evening.


The 73-year-old was also cornered by model Karlie Kloss, 22, for a photo.

And Karlie had admirers of her own – she was stopped by Mia Farrow and Woody Allen’s son Ronan, who was there with his mother…..

Aaah, life is beautiful, and so is King Raul….. keep reading HERE, video included….

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  1. Funny, but none of these people have a damn thing to do with my life, nor any place in it. Either TIME is fucked up or I am. You be the judge–though the only judgment that matters is mine. And btw, is that Raúl or Alicia Alonso? Hard to tell.

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