Cuba: Over 100 dissidents violently arrested yesterday by Obama-backed apartheid Castro regime
Via Twitter feed of Yusmila Reyna Ferrer

Over 100 of Cuba’s Ladies in White and their supporters, peaceful dissidents calling for respect of human rights on the island, got an up close look at President Obama’s Hope and Change yesterday after church services. As it has done almost every Sunday for years, the now U.S.-backed apartheid dictatorship of the Castro brothers unleashed another wave of horrific violence and repression.

Gracias, Obama!

Via Uncommon Sense:

Castro police arrest more than 100 Ladies In White, other activists as they leave Havana church

President Barack Obama’s rapprochement with Cuba has been accompanied by a plethora of stories about how neat-o — the travel, the music, the food, etc. — it will be when full diplomatic relations with the Castro dictatorship are restored.

Missing from most of the coverage is how the prospects of the lifting the embargo, reopening of embassies, etc., has not been accompanied by an improvement in the human rights situation on the island.

Maybe that’s because maybe it’s actually getting worse..

For instance, for the umpteenth Sunday in a row, the Castro goon squads earlier today were unleashed to attack the Damas De Blanco, or “Ladies In White,” and their supporters as they left a Havana church after Mass. More than 100 arrests were reported.

The international media, especially the American media, will ignore today’s events and even if they are aware, most will stick with the previous narrative.

Fortunately, there are many in the Cuban opposition who know how to use Twitter.

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