But remember: “Castro secretly favors the embargo–it’s his best friend…it provides him an excuse blah…blah…last thing he wants is more Americans traveling to Cuba…blah…blah”


Long outed Cuban agent-of-influence Julia Sweig of the Council on Foreign Realtions gave a talk last week where she disclosed the terms of the Obama-Castro Deal. (And who hereabouts can doubt that she was privy to all the inside stuff–from both sides?)

“That deal was signed by the two presidents on December 17, 2014,” she said. “The US got Gross and another US agent back and returned three Cuban spies. We will reduce restrictions on money flowing into Cuba, and on travel and banking, all of which President Obama is implementing under his Executive authority.”

So straight from the horse’s mouth: as part of the (secret) deal Castro demanded that the U.S. lift its economic and travel sanctions against Cuba.

And yet for years from this this same horse’s we repeatedly heard that: “Castro secretly favors the embargo–it’s his best friend, it provides him an excuse…blah…blah…he’s really, really afraid to have thousands of Americans and spring-breakers overrunning Cuba..blah…blah…and showing the Cuban people the blessings of American capitalism and democracy…blah…blah …gosh, that would be the best way to topple that system…blah….blah”

Now can we PUH-LEEEEAZE!–once and for all–do away with the above nonsense?….And yes, that includes you too, Yoani Sanchez. Thank you.